Joanne’s Picks

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Madonna. The one and only, charting and stirring things up since the early 1980s – that’s four amazing decades of relevance. And yet, in preparing this song list, I realize that peak Madonna for me was mid-1980s through mid-1990s. What I’ve also learned, much as Madonna is beloved for her dance hits and dance music videos over her vocal chops, I kinda favour her ballads. Hm. In virtual order of favourite to I like it to, my top 10 (for today anyway) looks like this.

Vogue Blonde Ambition era

Live to Tell The Sean Penn years

Like a Prayer   I liked that Leon (Women of Brewster Place, Oz, Waiting to Exhale etc.) was in this one

Take a Bow the one with Babyface and the sepia toned bullfighting video

Crazy for You 80s teen movie realness lol and melodramatic 80s ballad to match

Papa Don’t Preach This one felt like a movie

Open Your Heart peep show Madonna pushing the envelope

Express Yourself My appreciation for this one has grown from when I first heard it

Who’s that Girl One of those the song is better than the movie moments… quien es esa nina?

Cherish pop-fun

You know looking at this list and the many others I could have mentioned, her iconic status is well-earned and every other blond pop singer that’s come after her unfortunately will always seem a bit imitative. And I was a Cyndi Lauper fan back in the day.