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I’ve been listening to a lot of Linkin Park since Chester Bennington’s death. I feel like I’m discovering them for the first time, which I kind of am though I was aware of and even had some of their music, and liked the rap/rock hybrid (and especially Chester’s voice and the vocal chemistry between him and Mike Shinoda) from the beginning. If you caught the last Joanne’s Picks, you’ll know that I grew up on 80s music – I was in my 20s when Linkin Park became a thing and, though I like rock, wasn’t a metalhead, which means that I knew them when they went mainstream with songs like In the End (loved that song). So I’m not here to pretend that Bennington’s death hit me the way Prince’s and Whitney’s and George Michael’s and Michael’s did… but… his suicide has me thinking a lot about the pain we carry around, the ways we as artists sometimes try to push it out that way, the days we struggle harder than others even if we are not (like Bennington was) survivors of sex and drug abuse, children of divorce. Some days we barely hang on, some days we lose. Life is hard. We need to stop making others and ourselves feel ashamed for the days and the ways we may not be coping. Depression whether clinical or seasonal or situational or whatever is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of being human.

So, on my rediscovery journey, hearing some of these songs with new ears (though I’m not about to start re-analyzing them in light of his death), I thought I’d share some of my favourite Linkin Park tracks/performances in no particular order.

(also love Brad Delson’s guitar intro)

one last time…