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Ten Times I Thought a Female Emcee Was Fire!

That’s fire with an exclamation point in case you missed it. This is for all the times I thought an emcee of my gender punched hard with the word play and the passion and everything.

It’s hard to choose a single Salt ‘n Pepa track. I considered Expressions from Black’s Magic, Heaven and Hell from Very Necessary, Imagine from Brand New but decided to go with the one that cemented their place on the scene and can still get us moving.

So many of my favourites of the late 90s on this one – especially Left Eye (I loved TLC). I especially like her rhymes on What about Your Friends and Waterfalls but because of the female power wall to wall on this track, I’ll go with this one. Favourite verses Left Eye’s (duh) and Brat’s…which was straight Fire!

Lil Kim’s verse on every version of It’s All about the Benjamins (including this rock version) punches harder than any dude on this and many other tracks. I thought about ‘Crush on You’ which I like but I prefer hard Kim to coquettish Kim for this list or even love lorn Kim a la I can love You. “You wanna rumble with the Bee huh? Throw a hex on the whole family. Dressed in all black like the omen…” Fire!

Speaking of Fire. Love LL (forever) but Foxy’s flow on this though.

Still feeling this one even though the Eve concert I went to back then wasn’t all that. The issue unfortunately still current and you can feel her rage in each syllable. “I don’t even know you and I want you dead/don’t know the facts/but saw the blood pour from her head”. Thought about adding Hot Boyz for Eve’s verse and her verse was the dopest part of that song, but I probably like it half as much for that Timbaland beat.

I am not a huuuge MC Lyte fan but I love how hard she comes on this.

I’ll admit that back in secondary/high school this wasn’t exactly hip hop (too pop maybe) but listening to it recently, this Neneh Cherry track holds up.

L-Boogie will always be a part of my top 5 conversation. Not my absolute favourite track (honestly any track from The Score or Miseducation could have made this list) but picked this one to underscore that she is a quadruple threat – she can sing, she’s got bars, she’s visually creative…and oh yeah and she’s a great performer/actress too.

“Let me loosen up my bra strap/and uh let me hit you with my raw rap”.

“Who you calling a bitch!?”

Shout out to Remy Ma (Shether) and Cardi B (Bodak Yellow)for inspiring this post.