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The Jungle Outside. Publisher: Harper Collins UKGenre: Children’s fiction (picture book). Year of Release: 2021. ISBN-0008413908/ISBN-13:  9780008413903 Illustrated byDanielle Boodoo-FortuneFormats:  paperback


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Set in the Caribbean, The Jungle Outside tells the story of Dante and his grandmother, Tanti, as they explore Tanti’s garden. At first reluctant, Dante soon comes to realise the adventures that await him outside and we follow them as he climbs trees, tastes fruit, and finally notices the nature around him.

Beautifully illustrated by Danielle Boodoo Fortuné, this book is a visual feast which will feed the imagination of young readers. It encourages children get outside and explore, to look at things differently, and to face their fears. 

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#Reader Reviews (and shout outs)


“This little book’s story (only 29 pages) is about a boy who abandons the tv for the outdoors…with his grandmother! It weaves together information about many of the fruit trees and other food plants found in Antigua, some of their local names, all the while telling a story about a boy’s discovery along with related tangents from his grandmother. He develops an appreciation for the mini jungle around the home with the many fruit and other trees there. The story slips in the fact that children used to climb trees routinely when the grandmother and his father were young but this boy barely had looked at the trees before. It is heartwarming once the boy gains appreciation for all around him. It can be simply a story for a young (or not-so-young) person to read. Additionally, the end of the book nicely points out some lessons to be gleaned from the story so, perhaps with some guidance from an adult, children could be asked to give examples of where the various lessons were exemplified. It was a cute and heartwarming read. Can’t wait to pass it on to my young nephew and niece.”


“This wonderful book follows the adventures of Dante and his Grandma who helps him to discover the garden has so many wonders if you just pay attention. The story highlights all the delightful fruit the Caribbean has to offer. The relationship of Dante and his Tanti is warming, she helps him to keep boredom at bay, overcome his fears, and gain courage so he can enjoy the sweet fruits of life. The illustrations by Trinidadian Danielle Boodoo-Fortune are glorious. My daughter had a wow moment when she saw the picture of Tanti. The illustrations really bring the story to life. Would recommend to parents who are wanting to support children to discover nature. Part of the Collins big cat books, so supports children with phonics and fluency and give prompts on how to develop your child’s comprehension.”

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“Tanti in the tree is one of my favourite images too!”


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