Reviews – Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure


Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure. Publisher: CaribbeanReads. Genre: Children’s fiction (picture book). Year of Release: 2017. ISBN-0999237217/ISBN-13: 978-0999237212 Formats: kindle, hardcover, paperback, audiobook

When an Arctic seal named Dolphin finds himself far from home in the warm Caribbean sea, he has to rely on new friends for help. Will he make his way back to his Arctic home? Inspired by a true story. Previously published as Fish Outta Water (Pearson Education, 2013), this edition, includes all new art work and a puzzle.
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“Dolphin an Arctic seal finds himself in the Caribbean sea. Disoriented he will have to rely on his new Caribbean friends before humans show up to  rescue him. This was a charming, honest narrative about friendship and adventure. The writer touches on ocean pollution as well which I appreciated. It opens the door for discussions on preserving our earth and wildlife.” – Nonna’s Corner at the Caffeinated Reviewer


“Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure is an enjoyable read that is sure to captivate young readers. The author has chosen an interesting topic to write about, and one that many people may not be aware of – the work of environmentalists to help Arctic seals (and other sea animals)….The illustrations are fantastic and use every color of the rainbow, with several pictures reminiscent of Peter Max artwork from the 60s. … enjoy a fun adventure while also learning some fascinating facts about seals in Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure.” – Feathered Quill Book Reviews
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“Children will likely relate well to this story of getting lost while daydreaming and to the reassurance that kindly adults will look after strays. The book also gives them a chance to learn more about the work of environmentalists and Caribbean sea life. An appealing book, all the more so for being based on real life.” – Kirkus Reviews

Reader Reviews

On Amazon

“This is a very sweet story about home, family and friendship that any child is bound to enjoy. The illustrations are colorful and full of life and do a good job of bringing the adorable characters to life.

This story is great to read for fun but could also be a great addition to a classroom. It lends itself to lessons and discussions around a variety of topics: acceptance and making new friends, sea creatures, environmental conservation, learning who to trust, etc.”

On facebook

“Great book.”


“Such a cute story … fantastic illustrations.”

On Goodreads

“I received and read a review copy of Lost! a tale, based on a true story, about a marine mammal who finds himself – by accident – in a strange new ecosystem. Unsure of some of the strange creatures around him, the wayward Arctic seal must rely on advice from these strangers to make his way back home. He meets some characters that remind him of his own family, inspiring him to keep the faith that he’ll be able to return home before too long. In the real world, scientists and conservationists go to heroic lengths to help return stranded animals to the habitats they call home where they can continue to recover and thrive again. A fun and inspiring story.”


“A heart-warming tale with the lyrical story-telling style we have come to expect from Joanne C. Hillhouse. The illustrations by Danielle Boodoo Fortune are vibrant and capture the magic of this Caribbean Sea adventure.”

Personal notes

“Lost is going to do really well. It has all the right ingredients … colourful and attractive … looks Caribbean and shows off the Caribbean’s greatest asset … the sea …oh, and it’s a really cool story.”


“I just had a vision of it being a television cartoon series…it’s really beautiful….that Seal could have many great adventures…congrats again. So proud of you!!”

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