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With Grace. Publisher: Little Bell Caribbean (USA). Genre: Children’s Picture Book. Year of Release: 2016. ISBN: 1934370622/ISBN-13: 9781934370629 Illustrated by: Cherise Harris. Synopsis: Grace leads a carefree life in Grace’s Peak, and looks down upon the rest of the villagers who are not as fortunate as she, but when a young girl comes in search of assistance, both lives are forever changed as truths about love, family and community are unearthed. Tag line: With Grace is a fairytale filled with magic, enchantment, and lots of heart. First Page

Reader reviews:

(in person/personal)

“Auntie Joanne, when you going write another book? …I liked the book with Grace; it’s a fun book. My favourite person is the girl and the tree faerie. I find Grace a little mean.” (Jay, 9)

(on facebook)

freetown“(With Grace) captured the hearts of not just the students but the teachers who couldn’t help but get caught up in the story of Grace, Grace-Lynn, the mango tree and its little faerie who could do what I could not: bubble and whine. If you could only see their faces lighting up each time we had to sing: Come now… Gimme likkle, gimme likkle. That song became their jam!” – Glen Toussaint of Best of Books in a public posting after a visit to the Freetown Primary School, 2017

“An homage to our oral tradition – rhythmic, soulful and like all good stories, simply told and yet, has a powerful core – Grace – a name, an action and a feeling. Makes one feel warm and want to read more stories that reflect us and allow children to discover our world through the beautiful illustrations by Cherise Harris.”

“One of the best things after the experience of Joanne’s #WithGrace is seeing my nephew singing and dancing to the rhythms of his version of “gi me likkle”.”

“This book is for children and the adults in their life – beautifully told and illustrated.”

“In “WITH GRACE” Joanne has shared a magical story set in familiar Caribbean places. I enjoyed reading it to myself and I can’t wait to read it to some of the little people in my life.”

“Highly recommend this book especially for Caribbean children. Flower fairies have always been a favourite of mine.”

“Well done Joanne – it’s a lovely children’s book – a real keeper.”

“A beautiful story”

“Loved it”


“With Grace explores a Caribbean space richly woven with magic, mystery, and fantasy – an engaging fable not only for young readers but any reader poised for a new reading experience that twists and turns on a suggestion of allegory.” – Alscess Lewis Brown – editor, the Caribbean Writer

“Beautiful, well thought, and meaningful…Hillhouse blends traditional elements of the fairytale with her own Caribbean sensitivity to create an unforgettable story about human frailty and the power of love.” – Mario Picayo, children’s book author, A Caribbean Journey from A to Y (Read and Discover What Happened to Z)

“With Grace combines feelings of love, hate, greed, and generosity to weave a powerful narrative that is magical in spirit and human in character.” – judges of the Desi Writers Lounge story contest

Shout outs:

baby-making-machineWith Grace was one of the January books read over at Baby Making Machine in their 2017 365 challenge – they gave it five stars over on goodreads rating


Praise for the artist:

“SUCH a charming cover!!!”
“Love this…will definitely buy this book!”
“This looks fantastic.”
“Such a gorgeous cover!”
“What a joyful, inviting cover!”
“What a beautiful cover.”
“Gorgeous cover!”
“Love the cover – inside has got to be just as good”
“Love the cover too!”
“Great cover.”
“Wow, wow, wow! Did I say Wow?!”
“What a cover!”
“The cover is lively and inviting.”
“Love the cover.”


Other social media shout-outs:

“We continue to underestimate the power of the printed word … the power of image …. We neglect to realise that validation and realisation are steeped in the subliminal of what we allow our children to read and watch … I am looking forward to this … and I continue to celebrate books and images that look like me and my own.”


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