You know I had to do a Black Panther post, right?

I don’t have a Black Panther review. I don’t know if I will. But I wanted to share some of the more interesting video clips I’ve come across on youtube. In the first one the director breaks down one of the key action scenes, interesting to budding filmmakers and even writers, I think; the second is pure fangirl/boy geekdom as it uncovers every bit of hidden meaning; and the third focuses on what makes it good writing. Cool (spoiler heavy) clips. Also, I LOVE THIS (moving, meaningful, and masterfully made) MOVIE! Go see it; see I am Not Your Negro too, if you get a chance – that’s the other movie (one of last year’s Oscar nominated documentaries) I’ve seen recently and I highly recommend it.

p.s. you should check out Black Panther director Ryan Coogler’s earlier movies as well – Black Panther makes him three for three after Fruitvale Station and Creed.