Talk of the Town

I’m diving in to the Talk of the Town meme this week by way of a January round-up (ETA: Also making this my Sunday Post). Talk-of-the-Town-1

Come dive with me.


So cool to see my name on a list of 10 Caribbean Women Writers you should know over at the Literary Hub. Whhhhaaaaaat?! Super psyched. I’m doing book lists all the time; seeing myself on one was super cool (okay, I’ll stop saying super now). Of course, I’m hoping it will introduce me to readers who might not otherwise be familiar with my books. It got me thinking how much of a slow burn this literary journey can be if you’re not a superstar out of the gate. I had just done a post reflecting on the journey of Oh Gad!, the book cited in the Lit Hub article, and, in spite of all, there it is still part of the conversation. That felt good.

I felt good today, too, during the final session of the first cycle of the 2018 edition of my Jhohadli Writing Project creative writing workshop series.  The same feeling I had making progress on one of my own creative writing projects in progress earlier in the week. The bliss that comes of doing what you love, living in your purpose. The writing continues, the series will continue (contact me if you want to be put on the mailing list for announcements), and as for life and its other demands…well, I remain, as ever, a work in progress. There’ve been bumps and bruises but my birthday month had its share of good moments (and good news). More of the good stuff, and less of the other stuff, please, universe.

over the edge 2

Work with me universe. (p.s. the bit of universe pictured above is my island, Antigua…isn’t she lovely?)

January Blogging

I was watching the Grammys a week ago when someone remarked, somewhat bemused, that I liked award shows. Why, yes I do. Why, they ask. Because I do. And that’s it, pretty much. So no surprise that in the wake of the Oscar announcement, I did a post on my predictions.

Also, in case you haven’t read it, let me point you to my contribution to the Rumpus Letters for Kids series. Topic, the fruit to best all fruits (guess which one…or check the post and find out); as seen in my children’s picture book, the Caribbean fairytale With Grace.

Speaking of With Grace, I uploaded a couple of new videos from my mas presentation of the mango tree faerie from the book, last Carnival (for my non-Antiguan visitors, Carnival is a cultural celebration, pre-Lenten in some other parts of the Caribbean, summer in Antigua), check us out.

Books Finished in January (a reminder)

The only new book received this week is a copy of Juleus Ghunta’s Tata and the Big Bad Bull which I’ve agreed to review. I’ve liked this author’s poetry in the past (and shouted out his new release on my other blog this past week this past week), I’m not sure how that translates to children’s fiction but, I look forward to reading it.

No new books finished this week but books finished this past month and reviewed are Nectar in a Sieve and Born a Crime, plus I also added some past reviews to Blogger on Book Vl.

Other stuff

I updated Joanne’s Picks with my favourite Madonna songs …because music is life.