The Final Book Count of 2018

I’m doing this post for the Saturday Review of Books: End of the Year Book List Round-up, 2018 and especially so that I can share my final review of the year. the latest in my Blogger on Books series, ValourMary Robinette Kowal’s Valour and Vanity.

ETA: Also just posted, a review of Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House which I read earlier this year.

I never thought about counting books (nor am I entirely convinced of the value of that – much like counting words while writing) before becoming aware of the book blogging community but that’s my 20th book this year (one more than last year for whatever that’s worth). If it matters, 4 of those were audio books (which is a first for me), 2 of those were children’s picture books (which totally counts), 3 were comic books (actually comic book novelizations, so thicker than your average comic), and 2 were picture books (of the adult coffee table variety), which leaves 7 actual books of fiction and 1 book of non-fiction and 1 poetry collection read cover to cover (turning the pages and all). I quit 2 books this year and put 1 back on the shelf to return to later (the latter is not unusual but not finishing a book at all is rare, but there you have it).

I’m probably behind on everything that’s contemporary since I determined to remain true to my pledge to only buy 1 new book for every 10 finished as part of my strategy to empty my shelf of unread books – that doesn’t quite keep your stock from growing, what with there being book faeries and all (not to be confused with the mango tree faerie in one of my own books, With Grace). The TBR and the wish lists have grown is what I’m saying.


But I will say this I was reminded recently that reading is a quiet in the storm for me, it de-stresses me, it calms my mind, it stimulates new writing, and it’s something I love, so so be it. This life isn’t easy so find your happy place and go there as often as you need to; books is one of my happy places – I’m not about counting how many I’ve read but immersing myself in the different spaces they give me access to.

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Oh, one  last time, here’s what I’m currently reading  – Evolution: Weaving in and out of Consciousness while the Truth is Somewhere in the Middle (a poetry collection) by Felene Cayetano, Inner City Girl (fiction) by Colleen Smith-Dennis, The Secret (not sure what this is) by Rhonda Byrne, The Antigua and Barbuda Review of Books Volume 11 Number 1 Summer 2018, The Black Rose (biography) by Tananarive Due, Possessing the Secret of Joy (fiction) by Alice Walker, PEN America In Transit #18, and London Rocks (fiction) by Brenda Lee Browne – this last is a re-read of sorts as I was one of the editors of this book and I wrote about the launch of it in my CREATIVE SPACE series.

Anyway, this post is my final book count of 2018 since I don’t anticipate finishing any other books until the clock counts down to 2019…though, never say never.