In Shadow: Prompt Response

This is what I coughed up in response to this photo fiction challenge from Random_Michelle. You can search here on the site for previous ‘prompt’ responses.


I breathe dragon fire
My legs are as sturdy as tree trunks
My hide, hard
I am impenetrable
Even to myself



Challenge Pics…and Picks

Trying to put a dent in my inbox just now (*shakes fist at the dreaded inbox*) I came across some pictures sent by the Best of Books with their recommendations for the Cushion Club Wadadli Pen Summer Reading Challenge. With roughly a month of Challenge time left, it’s not too late to share them, right?

In Darkness frontIn Darkness back This one is Heart of Darkness by Nick Lake which Best of Books has identified as its Caribbean Teen Summer Read.

international teen read The Warrior Heroes series is among its international teen recs.

If you’re thinking of taking the challenge remember you have to have read at minimum one local, one Caribbean, and one international book…and you have to be resident in Antigua and Barbuda so local in this case means a book by an Antiguan and Barbudan author.

I am such an author and the publisher of my book Musical Youth is offering a special prize as a part of the reading challenge. So just as a reminder, I’m putting this down here.flyer final You can be between 12 and 18 to participate in this Musical sub-challenge.

The substantive reading list, meanwhile, is primarily made up of books appropriate for readers 5 to 15. UntitledThe last pictures I want to share with you has to do with one of those books for younger readers and the early mini-review (which forms part of the challenge) that I received in relation to it. This has made me excited to see what other readers will have to say about the many books they’re reading this summer. Here it is.

Salina Yoon 2 Salina Yoon “What I like about the story is that the bears love, care, and comfort each other. What I also like about the story was that bear was the star of the book because he was in all the pages. Mama bear was very good to bear when she comfort him and papa bear was very nice to bear because he tickled bear ears.” That’s the first review of the challenge. Now doesn’t that deserve a sweetness award?

See the full reading list here (no, you don’t have to read all of it, just as many as you can or want to). And remember the full list and mini-reviews should be sent to at the end of August 2015 (the Musical Youth reviews  can be posted on social media at any time and the link sent to Both Best of Books and Cindy’s Bookstore are offering 20% discounts for anyone “taking the challenge”; and shouting out challenge partners (where you can also find books on the list) the Map Shop and the Public Library of Antigua and Barbuda.

Mission Possible: Read

This summer, in Antigua and Barbuda, we (meaning me and Cedric of Wadadli Pen and the Cushion Club, respectively, with some overlap in between) decided to challenge our young constituency to spend part of their summer reading. Now, obviously, Cedric who volunteers his Saturdays with the reading Club and I who have done the same with less frequency (and not at all, lately) and who also run the annual Wadadli Pen writing challenge, believe that reading is its own reward. But we got ahead of ourselves and before long were offering a prize to the child who reads the most from an extensive reading list we came up with with the help of the Map Shop and the Best of Books (two local book stores). Cedric’s already collected the first of those prizes from a generous donor at which point we were like well, I guess we’re doing this and we put the word out to the media and on social media. Next thing Best of Books and Cindy’s Bookstore were offering discounts to anyone shopping at their stores and taking the Challenge. Then my publisher CaribbeanReads was getting in on the action with a Musical Youth Challenge within the larger Challenge (more on that in another post, another time). The reason for this post, on realizing that I’ve been blogging about this over at my other blog but have been so busy pushing my Jhohadli Summer Youth Writing Project over here that I forgot to mention it here – crossed wires. But then I came across this picture of me reading to children at the Public Library Summer camp in …I wanna say 2013 (?)…DSC_0344and it seemed a good time to mention it.

Parents, read with your children, go sign them up at the library – the public library (they can’t take out books just yet unfortunately but they could pass the day or part of it reading) or other community libraries, buy them the books (take advantage of those discounts), or trade or borrow books as I used to do back in the day, some of these books may already be in your family’s personal library (and make family there as extensive as you need it to be). Take the challenge, not just for the prize, but for the discovery, the adventure, the joy of reading. Details here.