More Jhohadli Writing Project Creative Writing Workshop Series

I have organized and led three independent series in the Jhohadli Writing Project Creative Writing Workshop Series since the start of 2018 – 4 Saturdays each time for 12 sessions overall. And continuing.

New sessions will begin in June 2018 as long as there is even one registrant (and sometimes it has been just one) interested in participating. If that’s you, don’t hesitate to contact me to be put on the mailing list re future sessions.

I enjoy doing deep dives in to the art and craft of writing, analysis and practice, and if participant feedback is any indication, they seem to be getting something out of it too. Pass it on.

“My favorite character* workshop activity had to do with reading about characters and being able to figure out what the writer is trying to show the reader about the characters personality and actions…I learnt about how to develop a character more effectively.”

“I wanted to get some formal on techniques that would make my writing more compelling. I also wanted to get feedback on if my work was interesting. (My favourite activity was) writing a character profile… It really was an exercise in imagination and conjecture based on little information…I achieved the goal of refining just a little bit more the skill of writing compelling characters…I would recommend the workshop for amateur writers because we many times think we can just write. But the workshop presented different ways to think about writing.”

*p.s. these workshops are primarily fiction focused with emphasis on one area – the emphasis for the April-May sessions being, you guessed it, character.

Remember, workshops will be ongoing throughout the year, and though set in Antigua are open to participants from anywhere in the world; if you want to participate, contact me


Another One


A return of the joint workshops I offer with Barbara Arrindell & Associates for individuals here in Antigua and Barbuda; so if you’re in Antigua and Barbuda, there’s still time to register. This is not for creative writers but for people who want to use words better on the job or in life. For my creative writing workshops, check this:

April 2018This one I make accessible for participants from anywhere in the world.

p.s. Barbara Arrindell & Associates is also the latest sponsor of the CREATIVE SPACE series spotlighting Antiguan and Barbudan art and culture here on the blog. Businesses in Antigua and Barbuda are encouraged to sponsor a post, especially with the posts now syndicated across one other platform; more to come. Check out the latest edition which spotlights the launch of Brenda Lee Browne’s book London Rocks at Cedars Pottery.

Lovers Rock4 (the event was also a showcase of Browne’s art work. Photos by Mark Brown)


What’s New, As the Year Winds Down

Promo Flyer correctedI launch a new creative writing workshop series in the new year and for the first time you can participate from anywhere. Contact me to find out how. For background on my past workshop experience, go here, and for performance reviews re workshop and other writing services, go here.

I’ve launched my newest book, children’s picture book Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure, a launch highlight being this past week’s book signing at the Best of Books.

As you can see, it wasn’t just about Lost! – people left with signed copies of With Grace, Lost!, and Musical Youth. These are essentially the children’s and teen/young adult portion of my …of the books I’ve written. Thanks to everyone who came out. For more images, check the gallery.

We’re now in to the busiest part of the holiday weekend. I hope the year has been kind to you and the new year is even kinder. As a working writer, I hope for more opportunities to continue doing what I do. You can support the journey by, of course, buying the books, writing a reader review, sharing book news, and, in my case, news of my workshops. The thing writers need most is time (including a time out now and again) and a boost – at times a promotional boost, at times a motivational boost, at times a financial boost; because hard as we work, as much passion as we have for what we do, it doesn’t always balance out. So, boost a writer if you can.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.