Site Updates (18-2-21)

What’s new?

A quick stop to share the latest CREATIVE SPACE which is gardening themed – which is in keeping with the local art and culture theme of the column, backyard gardening having taken off in Antigua and Barbuda this past year. How about where you are?

The image to the right is from my latest picture book The Jungle Outside. If you’re in Antigua and Barbuda, it’s available here as of this week at the Best of Books bookstore. It’s been available in the United Kingdom since January, and will be available in the United States and other markets (where it is available for pre-order) as of March. I hope you buy it for the children in your life and share a review when done.

In other book news, I have been sharing #abookaday across my social media and I did a round up of the books shared up to mid-month on my YouTube channel, AntiguanWriter. I hope you’re following and I hope you are subscribed.

Finally, what am I reading this week?

A bit of this, a bit of that – I’ve dipped back in to Beneath Lion’s Wings, a romance sent to me by the author, Marie Ohanesian Nardin, some time ago; and Zee Edgell’s Festival of San Joaquin, which is my first book purchase in a while (because of a self-imposed embargo).

Mostly though, I’ve been listening to Sheena Rose’s new audio book release of her older self-published short story collection In Time of Need.

What are you reading?

And how are you doing. I’ve felt particularly “modie” as we say in Antigua-Barbuda – emotions all over the place but mostly hitting a personal wall with these unevenly applied COVID restrictions and just this treading water we’ve been doing this past year in general. But praying the world turns a corner soon.