Musical Youth – An Extract

Caribbean Reads has posted an extract of my teen/young adult novel Musical Youth. So, if my First Page and the Reviews I’ve posted, nor the fact that it was first runner-up for the Burt Award (a prize offered for books and manuscripts focused on the Caribbean teen/YA market), a win that netted my then rough manuscript a publishing deal, haven’t been enough to prompt you to check it out, maybe this will do it. <—Click the Link

That’s it! Check the link, read the extract, hopefully be inspired to buy a copy for a teen in your life…and here are some pictures:

Musical Youth

Here I am reading from Musical Youth at an event in St. Croix during the Virgin Islands Lit Fest and Book Fair in 2015.


Reading from Musical Youth

Here I am reading from Musical Youth during a mini-schools tour I organized in Antigua in 2015. This is at Clare Hall Secondary.


Signing copies of Musical Youth

Here I am signing copies of Musical Youth at the launch in 2014.

Musical Youth

About the Book: Music, Discovery, Love. Can one summer make the difference of a lifetime? Zahara is a loner. She’s brilliant on the guitar but in everyday life she doesn’t really fit in. Then she meets Shaka, himself a musical genius and the first boy who really gets her. They discover that they share a special bond, their passion for music, and Zahara finds herself a part, not just of Shaka’s life, but also that of his boys, the Lion Crew. When they all get roles in a summer musical, Zahara, Shaka, and the rest of the Lion Crew use the opportunity to work on a secret project. But the Crew gets much more than they bargained for when they uncover a dark secret linking Shaka and Zahara’s families and they’re forced to confront some uncomfortable truths about class, colour, and relationships on the Caribbean island of Antigua. Musical Youth placed second in the 2014 Burt Award for Caribbean Literature.

A Teen’s Review: “I was very impressed with this book mostly because I am a teenager myself and I found it very relatable. Firstly, I will state that I was impressed with the evolution of the relationship from friends to lovers between Shaka and Zahara. I especially liked how it grew off of their deep passions for music. Also, I loved your usage of the ” Antiguan Dialect” in the novel and the use of modern technology. The usage of these two things allowed myself as a teenage to better relate to the book. Finally I would just like to say that this book kept me on my toes especially considering a finished it within a day!”