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As I write this, I’ve wrapped the last of three (technically four) editing projects this week and prepping the next installment of the JWP Creative Writing Workshop series. Which is to say, two things:

1, There is still time to register for the JWP CWWS – themed Back to Basics and starting this Saturday, it will look at basic language and literary terms, and story structure and technique. The goal is, as always, to get you writing and to help you grow in the practice and use of craft to improve your writing. Remember that you can participate remotely from anywhere and, if in Antigua, remotely or in person. To register or for information, contact me at jhohadli at gmail dot com

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2, I am available for work and the work I do includes writing (for all types of projects and clientele), editing, training (coaching and through workshops) – the latter from creative writing to written communication. This past week I, also, received word that a piece I had been invited to submit for a publication out of Norway has been accepted as is. This publication found me through my platform (so, thanks, platform for working for me). Meanwhile, I continue to work. Hit me up at jhohadli at gmail dot com

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…And now back to your regularly scheduled programme.

If you’re here for the first time, my name is Joanne C. Hillhouse. I’ve authored some books – I hope you’ll check them out (and if you already have, I encourage you to post a reader review to Amazon or Goodreads, or even here); and I offer freelance services – look me up if you need any of the listed services. Thanks!


New on the Blog

ParadiseThe latest Blogger on Books update (Take Time for Paradise) is less a review, actually a throwback review, and more a memory with my niece whom I used to let practice her reading by reading aloud to me in the car…and apparently while watching cricket.

The previous review, also a throwback review, because reading-what-reading, is archived here.



Rick as Cotton on Dr WhoThe latest CREATIVE SPACE, CREATIVE SPACE 12, spotlights the art of the recently departed George Rick James. Here’s an excerpt:

Theatre on the Road and on the Stage: Rick James

With the passing of playwright, actor, and mas builder George ‘Rick’ James this September, I find myself moved to reflect on his contribution to the creative arts – as much has and will be said about his contribution to electoral reform and transparency through his Free and Fair Election League. Also on the need for us to archive our arts. And publish our plays! A question on my mind is what will become of his papers (i.e. his plays and any creative side work). Such items, depending on the artist’s impact, have been donated to or acquired by libraries, educational institutions, archives, governments (see the Caribbean Literary Heritage Project for more on the archiving of artists papers). In Antigua and Barbuda, though, who knows? So consider this, CREATIVE SPACE’s first obituary, a recording of sorts.

Read the whole thing.

The previous CREATIVE SPACE, CREATIVE SPACE 11, Musical Harmony, can now be found here.

The CREATIVE SPACE series remains an opportunity for businesses in Antigua and Barbuda to boost their brand while boosting local art and culture.

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  2. Brand partnership – for companies that have a creative/cultural product they want me to sample and/or cover and/or participate in, and write about. For a fee. I decide if the product is a good fit for the series and I retain editorial control of the content (I’ll be honest and fair).

October 2018

The Jhohadli Writing Project Creative Writing Workshop Series continues. New sessions begin in October as soon as the sessions started in September wrap. We’re going BACK TO BASICS.

Lost! first copies

Finally,  Lost! the Caribbean Sea Adventure and I will be in Miami in November for the Miami Book Fair. Details of that appearance here.


Haven’t checked out any of my books yet? Children’s picture book to teen/young adult fic to adult novels? Read more. If you’ve read any of my books, please consider posting a review to amazon, goodreads, or other online space if you haven’t already done so. It makes a big difference. Keep in mind…

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One more thing. Here’s a link re my services as writer, editor, writing coach, and course/workshop facilitator if you should ever need them.

JWP #CantStop #WontStop

Riding the momentum of the fourth Jhohadli Writing Project Creative Writing Workshop Series since the start of 2018, we will be moving in to Series 5 later this month. Yes, we will be overlapping with Carnival when life as we know it typically pauses in Antigua and Barbuda BUT a pause is not a full stop. That said, if you’re a Carnival lover like me, you know I won’t be doing anything to interrupt the Carnival. I’ve checked the schedule and we can do this. We will do this. Onward.Promo July August 2018

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Lots more to discover on this site; like I said, can’t stop, won’t stop.



JWP: Notes from Around the Table

A friend asked me recently if I enjoy doing my Jhohadli Writing Project Creative Writing Workshop Series, and I could honestly reply that I do. This Saturday’s session was an example of what I love about them.

There we were around the table, about to get going, when one of the participants announced that next Saturday was cricket. Now I know she’s a cricket fan-atic because the first time I met her (where she first asked me about my workshops) was at cricket, and I saw how much she loved the game and the atmosphere around the game. I figured I’d lost her. But she continued, no I’ll be here. Granted, I won’t know until she shows up or doesn’t (almost every time since I’ve been doing this, including this Saturday, there’s someone I expect to show up who doesn’t), but if she would give up a day with something she loves as much as cricket to come to a session, I’ll count that as a win.

There’ve been a few times since I restarted these creative writing workshops at the start of the year where I’ve felt genuine purpose and joy watching participants (sometimes just participant) lean in to the experience. There was a point on Saturday when we were doing a free writing exercise when I called time and told them to wind down …10 minutes later they were still writing…after a time I had to reluctantly call time again, just so we could cover some of what I had planned to cover. Later I would give them some time to share what they’d written and explore what they’d discovered in the process.

That’s one of the beauties of a workshop. I plan meticulously, of course, but my desire to make sure that participants are engaged and getting something out of the experience helps set the tone and means that I adjust as I need to. Though I have done workshops with participants numbering in the mid-20s, keeping the number of registrants to a manageable size is good. If I’m being honest, though, there’s manageable and there’s low and registration has been low since JWP CWWS re-started this year; I will need to attract more participants to continue to justify these workshops’ place in my schedule.

This is the fourth in the series of four week workshops since the start of the year, week three, and each week there’s been a sense of surprise on their part when our hour and a half comes to an end. Saturday, one said, “these go too fast… (they’re) so much fun.”

What’s interesting is we’ve been doing more practical exercises and more intensive critiquing of their writing this round; it shouldn’t be fun. But, yes, it is.


The Jhohadli Writing Workshop’s new series (i.e. the next set of workshops) will be announced shortly. If you want to be put on the mailing list to participate, contact me . It’s based in Antigua and Barbuda, but long distance participants can receive the material and participate in the exercises. So, if you want to dedicate some time to working on your writing, whether to improve your writing skills or to push forward on a project, contact me.


JSYWP, 2013

Also, at this point in the summer I had hoped to have commitments that would allow me to announce at least one week of the Jhohadli Summer Youth Writing Project (first offered in 2013 and targeted at teens) for late summer (I’ll need to make a decision this week). So contact me if you would like to have a JSYWP this year and either wish to participate or sponsor a participant – and I’ll see.


Another One


A return of the joint workshops I offer with Barbara Arrindell & Associates for individuals here in Antigua and Barbuda; so if you’re in Antigua and Barbuda, there’s still time to register. This is not for creative writers but for people who want to use words better on the job or in life. For my creative writing workshops, check this:

April 2018This one I make accessible for participants from anywhere in the world.

p.s. Barbara Arrindell & Associates is also the latest sponsor of the CREATIVE SPACE series spotlighting Antiguan and Barbudan art and culture here on the blog. Businesses in Antigua and Barbuda are encouraged to sponsor a post, especially with the posts now syndicated across one other platform; more to come. Check out the latest edition which spotlights the launch of Brenda Lee Browne’s book London Rocks at Cedars Pottery.

Lovers Rock4 (the event was also a showcase of Browne’s art work. Photos by Mark Brown)


November Sale

UPDATE! New deadline to register, October 28th 2016.november-sale

Jhohadli Writing Project – what it means – Jhohadli (this refers to my pen name/alter ego), Writing (this refers to what I do and what I teach), Project (a piece of work or an activity towards a specific purpose; a study of a particular subject). Beginning with my first Jhohadli Summer Youth Writing Project (in 2013),  the Jhohadli Writing Project has evolved in to the umbrella under which I offer my writing workshops and courses. More on Jhohadli Writing Project here, then come back here and register for one of these new series of workshops.