Too Strange – Another Prompt Response

I’m not loving this one; it’s too Stranger Things for me and too much like some of my other prompt responses. But I did tell myself if I did these writing prompts I’d share what I wrote. So…here’s my response to Random_Michelle’s latest photo fiction challenge. Previous prompt responses can be found by using the search feature on this site; many of them are much better than this, I promise.


Little Red was a girl who fell victim to a wolf attack. That’s not the story her grandmother told. We all need our fairytales to cope.

Big Red hears the anguished cries as the community she’s tied to searches the woods for a missing girl. Pain has a way of bleeding through realities. Big Red knows pain is catching; she’s never been sick but has felt ripples of things felt by her twin. Or used to, before Little Red died. That residual pain would have been preferable to being alone these 20 years.

Big Red squints through the veil and sees the girl where she is caught in a wolf trap, one of many that have dotted this woodscape like landmines since Little Red got eaten.

She wants to keep the girl for herself and does for a time after freeing her from the trap. The girl will always have a slight limp but with love and care and some suru leaf, she heals. When she cries for her mommy, Big Red sings her lullabyes Little Red’s grandmother used to sing after everything happened and she went mad.

She hopes the girl will forget. But she doesn’t. As she grows, she searches obsessively for rips in the curtain around their world. She is thirteen when she finds one she can squeeze through. It’s been six years since she left.

Her mother holds too tight to her and all the villagers look at her like she is a miracle. At night, when it’s really quiet, they hear anguished cries that set the wolves mourning in reply. After a time, the adventure becomes a memory but the girl, even as an old woman, sometimes wakes up damp and afraid, from nightmares of a woman in red stealing her away.