Blogger on Books IV

I’m making this my post for the Sunday Post Weekly meme. Only my second time participating. So what’s new? Mangoes started coming in and mango season is always a happy season, whatever else is going on in the world (or, more specifically, my world). And I finished Edward P. Jones’ The Known World. I finished it right around the time I got to see Jordan Peele’s Get Out, a life syncing up moment if ever there was one. I recommend both the book and the film, both are in their way entertaining and compelling, dealing in different times and coming from different angles, but both centering race (both, without preaching, making us uncomfortable in interesting ways; uncomfortable’s not a bad thing if it gets us thinking on things and moves the needle). I might do a separate post on the movie but I’ve already posted on the book. It’s the latest addition to my Blogger on Books series – follow the link –> Blogger on Books IV

Three Firsts

The meme I’m trying this week is Bibliophile by the Sea’s First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros meme. Mostly because it’s Tuesday and why not?fistchapSo here goes. I’ll share three.

1. The book from my ‘reading’ pile that I’m most actively reading: Edward P. Jones’ The Known World. edwardpjones_theknownworldNot the whole first chapter or first paragraph though because I don’t have that kind of typing time…just enough to give you a taste:

“The evening his master died he worked again well after he ended the day for the other adults, his own wife among them, and sent them back with hunger and tiredness to their cabins. The young ones, his son among them, had been sent out of the fields an hour or so before the adults to prepare the late supper and, if there was time enough, to play in the few minutes of sun that were left. When he, Moses, finally freed  himself of the ancient and brittle harness that connected him to the oldest mule his master owned, all that was left of the sun was a five-inch long memory of orange laid out in still waves across the horizon between the two mountains on the left and one on the right. He had been in the fields all of fifteen hours. He paused before leaving the fields as the evening quiet wrapped itself around him.”

2. My most recently published short fiction – The Other Daughter over on Adda:

“My daddy is Prime Minister. I was born in the back room of a whore house on Popeshead Street. I lived there with my mother.”

3. My most recently published book – children’s picture book and fairytale With Gracewith_grace:

“It is a dry land, sun-blessed. But plants need rain to grow. No rain deity has split the clouds and allowed rain on this land in far too long. It is as if their magic has left this place. In such a place, rich, fertile soil is as valuable as gold and as elusive as faerie-magic.”

You can read a little more of With Grace here, where you’ll also find link to the first pages of all my books.

First time here? Here’s my bio – but, long story short, I do this writing thing because I love it…and not just ’cause no one will pay me to read.