Blog Update (31.01.19)

I’m linking this one up with Kathryn at Book Date’s Reading Month in Review – following the template established by her. So.

Total books read this month: 8

Finished up the Storm Limited Series (3-6) and updated my review post in Blogger on Books; a Giant Sized X-Men in which the team’s second line comes together for the first time to fight an island and free the front line X-Men; On this Island The Natives – an illustrated touristy book about Bermuda (a gift); The Antigua and Barbuda Review of Books (the 2018 edition); and Possessing the Secret of Joy by Alice Walker. So a mix of comic books and what Bill Maher would call real books.

New to Me Authors: Dale Butler and Lindsey George (the Bermudian writer and illustrator)

Reading Challenge Update: I don’t do reading challenges.

Reading Club Update: I’m no longer an active book club member.

Outside reading highlights: Well this was my birthday month so even when it was very very bad, it was …still my birthday month. Plus I got to chat up my book Dancing Nude in the Moonlight with Emma the Bookworm; and share a couple of poems on Angles of Light, a radio programme in the UK.

I’ve seen into the Spiderverse, Blackkklansman, Roma, and The Wife as I continue to make my way through the 2019 Oscar nominees (new post on the Oscars race coming soon no doubt – you know I like to make my predictions).

Lots more to the see-saw but stopping there.

Top Books for January: Possessing the Secret of Joy by Alice Walker – read my review.

Looking forward to reading in February: I want to finish any of the books I’m reading. Beyond that, I don’t really make dates with books; I like to be surprised.

Incoming Books: Nothing incoming.

And well, it’s it and that’s that…I …think… Yep, that’s my reading month.