And they’re off (Awards Season)

The Golden Globes were announced on Wednesday and I’m miffed. Here’s the breakdown (very off the cuff, so don’t read too much into it).

TV Drama Series

I haven’t seen Ratched or the Ozarks (though the latter has been highly recommended to me…but neither has made it to my must-watch list). I’ve only seen portions of The Crown (still couldn’t get in to it though I got further, I think, than with season 1, my previous attempt), The Mandelorian (mostly YouTube clips though it is on my watch list) and Lovecraft Country (of which I’ve caught only three episodes though it is fast-paced, meaty, and unsettling enough that I know I want to watch more). This isn’t what I’m miffed about (I haven’t seen enough to be invested) but I have a feeling I will be at the lack of acting nods for Lovecraft Country when I get through the whole season. I finished The Americans in 2020 and was retroactively pissed at it being overlooked so many times because it was so good – and those actors worked their asses off.

Best Actress Drama

It’s Ozarks, The Crown, Killing Eve (which I haven’t seen and which isn’t on my watch list in spite of all the buzz and having Sandra Oh in the cast), and Ratched. I don’t have a horse in this race though my favourite actress in this category is probably Sarah Paulson (with a soft spot for Laura Linney as well). Don’t think I’ll be watching Ratched though; Ozarks, maybe, at some point.

Best Actor Drama

Jason Bateman, the Ozarks; Bob Odenkirk, Better Call Saul (which I’ve never watched, nor the series it spun off from); Al Pacino for Hunters (have heard of Pacino, obviously, never even heard of Hunters though); Josh O’Connor for The Crown (maybe he should win for making Prince Charles more interesting than I’ve ever found him irl); Matthew Rhys (from The Americans) for Perry Mason. I’d say it’s between Bateman and O’Connor but what do I know. I mean, literally, what do I know.

At this point, you’re wondering why are you talking about the Globe nominations if you haven’t seen anything; and I have no better answer than because it’s my blog and I feel like. I have seen some things though…we’ll get there, and get to why I’m miffed.

TV series, Musical or Comedy

Emily in Paris (haven’t heard good things about it), The Flight Attendant (hadn’t heard of it but now I’m interested), The Great (heard of it but interest not really piqued), Schitt’s Creek (binged a lot of it after it swept the Emmys…I wasn’t blown away but it’s funny…especially Catherine O’Hara), and Ted Lasso (heard of it…good things…but it hasn’t found its way on to my list yet). This should mean Schitt’s Creek by default for me…but I don’t know.

Best Actress, Musical or Comedy

Lily Collins, Emily in Paris; Kaley Cuoco, The Flight Attendant; Elle Fanning, The Great; Jane Levy for Zoe’s Extraordinary Playlist; and Catherine O’Hara, Schitt’s Creek. Catherine. Who’s spot do you think Emily is holding though? One of the Insecure cast? Somebody else? Because, like I said, I have heard nothing good about that show. And you know which comedy I liked, I don’t know if it was eligible but I liked Gentefied (binged it) on Netflix and America Ferrera is funny in Superstore, and is it wild to say the mother and daughter in Mindy Kaling’s Never have I Ever deserve a look? I haven’t watched all of it and have mixed feelings on it overall but their relationship is at the heart of the show. Plus all Latinx and South Asian are characters we don’t usually see centered. Oh, you know who just popped in to my head – I don’t know where you’d fit her but she was an MVP of lockdown with her social media mimicry of #Drumpf and then she got her own special (Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine) which was odd and fascinating and funny. Maya Rudolph as the meteorologist is one of the funniest things all year.

Best Actor, Musical or Comedy

Schitt’s Creek (Eugene Levy)…Levy is always funny but he’s not really stretching here; Black Monday (Don Cheadle)…not watched, not interested, The Great (Nicholas Hoult)…I’m sure he’s great in it, liked him since About a Boy, but the show’s not my cuppa; Ted Lasso (Jason Sudekis)…he’s funny and I legit wouldn’t be surprised if he won this; but the only one of these on my watch list (yet unwatched) is Ramy (Ramy Youssef).

Best limited series

Normal People (I actually haven’t heard of this…is it good?), The Queen’s Gambit (lots of buzz but not really interested), Small Axe (I’ve only watched Mangrove so far…but it was soooo good…plus the cinematographer is Antiguan, so); The Undoing (on my to watch list) and Unorthodox (not sure if I’ve heard of this but adding to my check it out list). Small Axe all day though.

Best Actress, limited series

Cate Blanchett for Mrs. America (on my to watch list…this seems like a stacked show though, was hers the only strong performance?); Normal People, Unorthodox, The Undoing, The Queen’s Gambit. Given the buzz, I’m guessing Anya Taylor-Joy.

Best Actor, limited series

Bryan Cranston (Your Honor…liked him in Malcolm in the Middle), Jeff Daniels (The Comey Rule…don’t sleep on Jeff Daniels…he’ll piss you off by randomly showing up to beat your fave), Hugh Grant (The Undoing), Ethan Hawke (The Good Lord Bird), Mark Ruffalo (I know this much is True)… eenie meenie Hugh Grant.

Best Supporting Actress (TV)

Gillian Anderson (The Crown…unpopular opinion I found her performance grating…but she’ll probably win), other noms The Crown, Ozarks, Schitt’s Creek, Ratched…meh.

Best Supporting Actor (TV)

John Boyega (Small Axe), Brendan Gleeson (The Comey Rule), Daniel Levy (Schitt’s Creek), Jim Parson (Hollywood), Donald Sutherland (The Undoing)… Dan Levy probably. Sidebar: I recently binged, about a year late, Trust which also featured Donald Sutherland and Hillary Swank, Brendan Fraser, Francesco Colella, and Luca Marinelli were so good in that (did they get anything?)

The movies…ah I’ve seen some of these…

not Mank though though it’s most nominated (I started watching and …just couldn’t finish…couldn’t get in to it…like at all).

Best Motion Picture

Mank, The Father (heard good things about Anthony Hopkins’ performance), Nomadland (heard good things about it generally) – I’ll probably catch Nomadland before the Oscars, not sure about The Father, and I won’t be trying to watch Mank again; but the Carey Mulligan film (Promising Young Woman) is on my to watch list…it sounds interesting…and she’s so underrated. I have seen Trial of the Chicago 7 and thought it was good…especially the performances…not necessarily best picture good though…standard courtroom drama stuff. I saw it around the same time I saw Da 5 Bloods, a criminal omission from this list. Criminal. Other flicks on my to watch list One Night in Miami, Judas and the Black Messiah… why no love for these, I wonder.

Best Actress, Drama

Viola Davis (Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom) – knocked it out of the park!
Andra Day (The United States v. Billie Holiday) – I’ve been hearing mixed things but I do like Billie Holiday and will probably watch it on the strength of that…at some point, Vanessa Kirby for Pieces of a Woman (honestly, Shia LaBeouf, whose work I’ve liked as recently as Peanut Butter Falcon, put me off so soon after the FKA Twigs allegations…didn’t realize he was in it when I started watching…don’t know if I’ll give it another go), Frances McDormand (Nomadland) – she’s always good and could win, Carey Mulligan (Promising Young Woman) – been hearing superlative things about her performance and I wouldn’t be mad if she won…though Viola bodied the role of the Mother of the Blues. I actually would’ve liked to see Nicole Beharrie sneak in here (or the comedy, musical category) for Ms. Juneteenth but at least she/the film got Independent Spirit noms.

Best Actor, Drama

Riz Ahmed for Sound of Metal, Chadwick Boseman for Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (should win, will win…though I also think Colman Domingo should have been nominated in the supporting category), Anthony Hopkins could be the upset, Gary Oldman (people like him, I’m not a fan, and Hollywood likes to talk about itself, so who knows with Mank), and Tahar Maheen for The Mauritarian (I’ll have to look in to that one). Was Steven Yeun not eligible for Minari? I’ve been hearing good things. Why no love for Glenn?

Best Picture, Musical or Comedy

This seems to be the category that’s confounding everyone. I think I would have put Soul here – so what it’s animated. I liked Palm Springs well enough but not over the moon like some people. And I did not like what I saw of The Prom. I liked the first Borat, don’t feel drawn to the second. Hamilton, I haven’t seen but I thought it was basically the stage play filmed. And nobody seems to have heard of the Sia film…I did though (on Twitter) but nothing good. Yeah, I don’t know…probably Borat.

Best Actress, Musical or Comedy

Borat, Music, Michelle Pfeifer for French Exit, Rosamund Pike, Anya Taylor-Joy…I saw and was put off by the Emma trailer …can I write in Michelle Pfeiffer retroactively for Married to the Mob.

Best Actor, Musical or Comedy

Borat, James Cordon for The Prom (just, no), Lin Manuel Miranda, Dev Patel (I want good things for him but I’m not going to watch the David Copperfield movie), so maybe Andy Samberg…? I thought people liked the Will Ferrell Eurovision Song Contest movie…or was that just pandemic fever?

Best Animated Film

The Croods 2, Onwards, Over the Moon, Soul, and one I’ve been hearing good things about Wolf Walkers. I’ve only seen Soul and it’s good enough to win… but then I thought The Lego Movie should’ve been nominated fro best animated feature when it came out, so what do I know.

Best Foreign language film

I started watching the Sophia Loren film and it feels like it’s in the conversation mostly because of her, though granted, I didn’t watch all of it; Minari is on my to watch list. That’s all I’ve got.

Best Supporting Actress

Glenn Close – she should’ve won a long time ago, I was rooting for her as recently as The Wife, but Hillbilly Elegy doesn’t look good and critics and audiences seem to agree; Olivia Coleman (The Father – she upset Close, at the Oscars, if you remember…rematch!); Jodie Foster (The Mauritarian); Amanda Seyfried (Mank); Helena Zengel (News of the World)… I’ve liked Jodie as an actress (she’s one of my faves) since I was a kid but I haven’t seen The Mauritarian. This might be Amanda’s year though.

Best Supporting Actor

Sacha Baron Cohen in Trial of the Chicago 7 (he was good, and surprising, but this was more of an ensemble film), Daniel Kaluuya in Jesus and the Black Messiah (really want to see this), Jared Leto for The Little Things (I saw the trailer and I might just watch Denzel in The Bone Collector again), Bill Murray for On the Rocks (I saw this film the other day and thought it was really charming…I would’ve been okay with a nom for Rashida Jones over everyone though), Leslie Odom Jr. for One Night in Miami (I have a feeling this is more of an ensemble piece). Sight unseen, I’m going with Kaluuya. But while we’re here, where is Delroy Lindo’s nomination for Da 5 Bloods. Miffed. I would even have snuck Chadwick Boseman in here as well as he was the spiritual center of that film. He was actually the part of that film that got me in the heart when I saw it (before he died) and I’ve been quietly hoping for a nom though I know it’s a very spare part compared to Lindo’s (who was great).

Best Director

Three women – love to see it. Promising Young Women (Emerald Fennell), Nomadland (Chloe Zhao), One Night in Miami (Regina King) – any of them three for me, Mank, Trial of the Chicago 7…where is Spike’s nomination for Da 5 Bloods! miffed! I still talk about that “American GI” sequence where you really get the complexity of being a Black person fighting for America at that time, so poetic and such a gut punch. Plus, Spike just understands the language of film. This is a real oversight.

Best Screenplay

Nomadland, Trial of the Chicago 7, Mank, The Father, Promising Young Woman…the latter sounds like the most original screenplay not named Palm Springs…but I have only seen Chicago 7 and Aaron Sorkin is a great writer (better writer than director for sure).

Best Original Score – Tenet (Tenet, right?), News of the World, Soul (…or Soul…big up yuhself John Baptiste), The Midnight Sky, and Mank.

Best Song

Remember when the Best Song nominees were also big on radio …ah well, I’ll have to look these up but the nominees are Fight for You from Judas and the Black Messiah, Hear My Voice from Trial of the Chicago 7 (do not remember this song from the film), IOSI from The Life Ahead, Speak Now from One Night in Miami (gut says this might win) and Tigress and Tweed from the Billie Holiday movie.

Who’ve you got? And do you have any snubs as egregious as Da 5 Bloods. Miffed! Miffed, I tell you!