Jhohadli Writing Project

As I write this, I’ve wrapped the last of three (technically four) editing projects this week and prepping the next installment of the JWP Creative Writing Workshop series. Which is to say, two things:

1, There is still time to register for the JWP CWWS – themed Back to Basics and starting this Saturday, it will look at basic language and literary terms, and story structure and technique. The goal is, as always, to get you writing and to help you grow in the practice and use of craft to improve your writing. Remember that you can participate remotely from anywhere and, if in Antigua, remotely or in person. To register or for information, contact me at jhohadli at gmail dot com

For more on Jhohadli Writing Project, go here.
For more on Jhohadli Writing Project Creative Writing Workshop Series, go here.

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2, I am available for work and the work I do includes writing (for all types of projects and clientele), editing, training (coaching and through workshops) – the latter from creative writing to written communication. This past week I, also, received word that a piece I had been invited to submit for a publication out of Norway has been accepted as is. This publication found me through my platform (so, thanks, platform for working for me). Meanwhile, I continue to work. Hit me up at jhohadli at gmail dot com

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…And now back to your regularly scheduled programme.

If you’re here for the first time, my name is Joanne C. Hillhouse. I’ve authored some books – I hope you’ll check them out (and if you already have, I encourage you to post a reader review to Amazon or Goodreads, or even here); and I offer freelance services – look me up if you need any of the listed services. Thanks!

DBS Takes Flight

I have to add my sister to people out here stepping off of limbs and freefalling, hoping to fly – i.e. out here doing their own thing professionally. As a freelance writer these many years, I know from experience it’s not easy to make that leap from safety, security, certainty to one risk after another. But I also know that those moments when you catch the wind, or even when it hits you that you’re still flying, though scratched and wind-burned, and tiiirrrred, can be exhilarating. So, welcome, Dianne Hillhouse of DBS:

Sophia at her birthday lunch at non such bay

DBS is Dianne’s Brokerage Services – Herbert’s Estate, P.O. Box W187, St. John’s, Antigua, W. I. – (268) 720 DIAN(3426) – diannehillhouse21@gmail.com – https://www.facebook.com/diannesbrokerageservice


I’ve provided some writing-and-editing services to DBS (“I know you’re busy but that thing I’m not paying you to do, I need it today!”) so I thought we’d do a bit of cross-promotion – an honest review from her for my performance review page (because the word of mouth of a satisfied client is still the best recommendation) and an interview from me right here (because what good is a platform if you can’t share it with fam?) Okay, so shameless plug alert and what-not but I do think there are insights here which may be of value to others thinking of taking the leap – as artiste or entrepreneur or some hybrid of the two; plus read to the end and you’ll get to read what my sister who doesn’t give compliments lightly (because little sisters must not get above themselves, probably) had to say about my services.

Me: Tell me about your business?

S: Dianne’s Brokerage Services is first and foremost a customs brokerage business but our aim is to offer general services, giving our clients that concierge type effect.  Presently, we offer brokerage services, procurement services, vehicle licensing services ( For those persons who are too busy to do so), shipping logistics, and administrative services. One area I would love to venture into is consolidated shipping – giving our clients that option to purchase within the US and landing it at their door for a favourable cost.

Me:  What makes you uniquely qualified to do what you’re doing now?

S: For the past 18 years I worked as a coordinator at Raeburn’s Generator Services; my job included customer service, administrative management, procurement, customs brokerage, accounting (book keeping, inventory control, cost accounting) -bottom line ensuring that  our clients had that personalized touch in all facets of the  business.

Me: What took you so long? and how’s it going?

S: What took me so long… I must laugh because I entered a business which is now so saturated with brokers, but I guess its my time now.  I think in a way i was forced into doing something for me but I embrace it.  Business is slow and that is based on the economy, but I am getting business and what I aim to do is make all my clients satisfied; this way they will refer me to their friends and associates.  Recently, I got a client from the US and upon completion of my service to him his words were “You made this process very smooth — I appreciate the attention to detail and the thoroughness of your service.” Thanks Michael Henry Events for your kind words.

Me: Finish this sentence…anyone thinking of becoming an entrepreneur should…

S: Study the market, but bottom line it has to be a venture you would be happy doing.  I chose brokerage because it was an area I knew I was good at but it also encompassed other fields I wanted to venture into – shipping and procurement.

Me: You used my writing and editing services in creating the communication and marketing items for your new venture… was it good for you? Would you recommend this service to other start-ups…if so, why?

S: Yes, it was definitely good for me.  Your skills as a writer and editor helps to bring across the positiveness in words.  Any business needs marketing and marketing is built on words- words that someone who is not trained may not be able to bring across to the populist in the right way; hence the use of your services.  Jhohadli! Which represents Joanne from Wadadli says a lot and your devotion to writing from a tender age tells me there is no other person qualified enough to bring those words on my flyer to life.

Thanks, S. And good luck and good effort and success cyaarn dun with DBS!