Does your business need a writer or editor?

The answer is yes.

My services to clients have included (but are not limited to) drafting or editing…

Corporate content
For clients who require the creation or editing of a newsletter/e-newsletter, press release, flyer, brochure, advertisement, report, website, manual, commemorative publications, advertorials, or other communication vehicle, whether for in-house or general distribution via traditional or social media, or other means.

Copy for Awareness and Education
For non-profits and other organizations seeking to create social awareness campaigns for which they’ll need media products like jingles, billboards, documentaries, public service announcements, posters, and more creatively crafted to reach the target audience, and potentially impact attitudes and behavior.

Entertainment Products
For media institutions and/or clients seeking edutainment or pure entertainment products such as scripted TV shows or segments, special features across all media (print to audio visual), or more.

I’ve done everything from calendars to TV pilots and programmes, and know that there’s no job too big or too small as long as it poses an interesting professional and creative challenge, and an opportunity for me to deliver copy that’s at once fresh and consistent with the client’s articulated needs and goals.

Big or small, your business needs to have a vision for how it wants to be seen in the marketplace and how it wants to connect with the community. You put out bad copy, unclear messages, or simply ignore the need to communicate to your detriment. Could your relationship with its clients, for instance, be enhanced by a regular blog spotlighting not just your products but your community interaction, or perhaps issues related to the service you offer? Well, then, why aren’t you blogging? You may or may not have the skills in-house but you can reserve the services of a freelancer to assist with messaging, or training, or both.

With 10+ years experience as a freelance consultant writing and/or editing ads, websites, brochures, newsletters, special publications, infomercials, advertorials, e-newsletters, blogs, and more for various clients, I can help.

Contact me for a quote on your project today.

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