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I’ve written for:
A Little Bit of Paradise
Altitude – read ‘Discovering St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ from Altitude:

Américas (<–Click link to read a sample of ‘Racing Towards Survival’ + Click this PDF antiguas-literary-fest-continues-to-grow-in-americas-magazine to read ‘Antigua’s Literary Fest Continues to Grow’)
Antigua Nice
The Antigua Sailing Week Magazine

Jan Santos – Tales from the Committee Boat
ASW article clip Find this sample article on page 21 of the 2011 edition of the Antigua Sailing Week magazine

The Yachting Season
ASW article clip2 Find this sample article on page 12 of the 2012 edition of the Antigua Sailing Week magazine

The Antigua and Barbuda Calypsonians’ Association 50th anniversary publication (also served as content and managing editor)

…including articles on Calypso Jim, Calypso Joe, Franco, Short Shirt, Swallow, Onyan, Ivena,

The Antigua and Barbuda Carnival magazine
The Antigua and Barbuda International Literary Festival magazine – Read ‘What Calypso Taught Me About Writing’ from the ABILF magazine:

The Antigua and Barbuda Review of Books

Althea Prince: Writing What She Intuits
“In both cases, it’s about trying to contain expression, narrowing it to what one – one being in this case part of the dominant culture – deems acceptable.”

Feeling the GHETTO VIBES
Tourist Leggo. The music, from the first note, is joyful and buoyant and Short Shirt’s pre-emptive bellow lays the foundation for a rousing good time, while the superior ability of the lyricist is reflected in the tightly woven storytelling amidst the bacchanal.

The Antigua and Barbuda Sports Fishing Magazine
The Antigua and Barbuda Sports Network
Black Girl in the Ring – personal essay: She had to
WIN_20140909_125436Business Focus Antigua

Caribbean Beach News

Caribbean Beach News Sample:

Caribbean Beach News article clip Montserrat Still Nice (Page 28)

Caribbean Beat

Links to a sampling of my Caribbean Beat articles:

Antiguan kiteboarding pioneer Andre Phillip goes airborne. Photo by Roddy Grimes-GraemeAtlantic Wide
‘Antigua and Barbuda’s Team Wadadli — Dr Nicholas Fuller, age sixty-four; Rowan “Archie” Bailey, fifty; John Desmond “JD” Hall, twenty-nine; and Peter Smith, seventy-four — braved the self-described “world’s toughest row.” They journeyed 2,600 nautical miles, from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean, in Wa’omani, a boat no longer than seven metres, no broader than two. They made the Guinness Book of World Records (twice!) while doing so, and they’re the only Caribbean team, to date, to take the challenge, which has attracted rowers from around the globe.’

Erna Mae Tonge – Recipe for Magic:
But some things are the same: Spliff, her mom’s last regular co-host, remains an adept cook and roguish sidekick. Plus her mother’s presence is always there; from the copy of her Cooking Magic recipe book on the counter, to the sense of her taking in the scene from Beyond. “I was afraid that I could not continue what mommy had done in a way that would satisfy her,” Erna Mae says. “If she was watching, she’d be watching with a critical eye.”

Need for speed: Renée “Buttaz” Edwards and Lisa “Lisalis” Abraham:
Antigua is already a popular drag racing spot, Lisalis says, for its competitiveness, location, and vibes. With investment in a track, one of her major goals, it could be even more so. To some, drag racing is too dangerous — one reason they might think it’s not for women. But, Lisalis counters, “within everything, there is some level of danger . . . if you’re only going to think about the danger, you’re not going to live.”

It started with a Snake:
So there is plenty, both practical and poetic, to recommend the work being done to preserve Great Bird Island, Guiana Island, and more than a dozen other islets near Antigua’s international airport. As Kevel Lindsey says, “The islands preserve and protect unique landscapes that have been lost on most of the mainland: natural aesthetic, wilderness, natural poetry, and a sense of place.” But there’s a financial argument too.

From Boggy Peak to Mount Obama
This touches on one of the chief areas of concern. The Environmental Awareness Group is hopeful that the site will remain much as it is. “This is especially important,” they argued, in a proposal to the-powers-that-be, “because of the invaluable, unspoilt, fragile, and unique biodiversity to be found in the area.” They cautioned against overdevelopment and made a case instead for the experience of the unforgettable climb, stopping to take in the view and – in the rainy season – the waterfalls.

Caribbean Belle
CARICOM Holidays Travel Guide
Caribbean Homessee my review of The Road to Wadi Halfa on Page 87
Caribbean Life
Che first cover (my articles in the pictured issue are the cover stories: ‘Jean-Marie Thomas, Fashioning Success’ and ‘The Health Benefits of the Tropical Fruits’)
The CLR James Journal
CMA (read my CMA Carnival-themed articles here cmastuff)
The Coup
The Crier

“Tonight, I find myself thinking of continuity in terms of building the Antiguan and Barbudan arts into something solid, with a strong foundation. What sparked the thought was the song Take me Away, by Jashan Hughes and Logiq, on my player. I love that song; Logiq always brings it as a poet-lyricist and Jashan, known to most from the soca stage (Mama Woah), is, for me, in the pocket when she’s emoting over a soulful track, as she is here.” (opinion)

“… A man on the radio calls them Jezebels, these girls with everything hanging out at Carnival time; Delilahs, luring men with flesh and the promise of flesh.  She turns off the radio. It is the usual post-Carnival nonsense, as if the society feels it has to do penance for blowing off some steam, even though life is a constant pressure cooker. She doesn’t usually have time for the hypocrisy of it – as if woman is sin-self; as if man don’t have no mind of his own; as if wining and jumping have to be about anything but you and the music; as if a woman, any woman who dare to have some fun, just asking for it.” (fiction)

Daily Observer

My freelance relationship with Observer ran for more than 10 years and touched on a mix of topic areas. During that time, I earned a 2002 Environmental Journalist of the Year award from the Antigua and Barbuda Ministry of Tourism and Environment (for a piece on the Hawksbill turtle), and certificates of merit for excellence in health journalism – newspaper feature category – during the Pan American Health Organization/Antigua and Barbuda Media Awards for Excellence,  2003 and 2005 (for pieces, respectively, on calypsonian Zero’s battle with HIV/AIDS and Breast Cancer Survivors – a series).

Review of Althea Romeo Mark’s If Only the Dust would settle
My favourite poem in the collection is the title piece which though written to and of Liberia, had me ruminating on Haiti – and not just because the earthquake ravaged country happens to be in the news. In this poem, she writes affectionately of what is beautiful about Liberia; also of its chronic unsettledness. Haiti, the first free country in our hemisphere; Liberia, a haven for freed Africans…both tragic heroes of an epic tale.

How to Make Cassava Bread and other Musings on Culture
Before time, he explained, tin-smiths were called upon to shape rings. These rings would be placed on a flat metal surface over a lit stone heap; the clay pots were too fragile for this process though the newer metal coal pots could also do the job. The crumbled Cassava is spread into the pan. With no tin-smith’s ring – that’s gone the way of the Cassava-bread-maker – he makes individual breads in an appropriately sized pan. Improvisation, adaptation, making do; call it what you want, it’s part of the culture.

El A Kru Living the Dream
… there are perks to their celebrity status on the road — an air-tight contract, proper promotion, and the star treatment, for examples — which frankly aren’t there at home where, they contend, artistes are still treated like they’re “just doing a little thing.” Far from doing a little thing, the Kru members are, 20 years in, on the trajectory they sang about on the 1998 Lethal CD, specifically the song To De Mountain. They’re not about to slow down. Currently pulling all-nighters as they prep material for the annual Carnival release, they respond only with some version of “it’s going to be hot” and a hint about a Haiti tribute song when pressed for details. But they took a break to chat with OBSERVER Entertainment about how they finally got the business to dance to their tune.

Push for Broadcast Policy is a push for Self-evaluation, Proposer says
Wong’s emphasis is gender-based violence and content that perpetuates or normalises that, and readers may remember that it was WAR’s objection to Burning Flames’ song Kick een she back Doh – Carnival Road March winner in 2012, International Soca Award nominee in 2013, popular yet controversial both at home and in other parts of the Caribbean with opponents calling for its banning – that jumpstarted this particular discussion. But Wong doesn’t want to have a conversation narrowly focused on that single song, on whether it promotes rape as activists believe it does or is just being punny, as defenders charge.

The Monarch’s Story Captured in Documentary
He is also a complex and interesting man. In the story, we meet a young boy who danced the jambull, sang when he should have been fishing and loved to dance; a young man who experienced the hard knocks of defeat, before claiming his first calypso crown in 1964; a charismatic artist struggling to balance the desire to follow his passion with the slim rewards it allowed; a rough and tumble sort of guy who fought for what he wanted finding allies and enemies along the way; a calypsonian who poured his pains and triumphs into every lyric. Incomparable Music.

Where we stand (part 3)
…the quest for Independence was/is a drum beat in our soul; we know what it is to be owned, we want to be free. And yet our post-independent selves have fallen prey time and time again to predatory investors, an opportunistic political machine more consumed with the next election cycle than real development, and a model that – whether perception or reality – still sees us as worker bees rather than owners of our own industry.

Building a Reading Culture and the Link to Improving Exam Performance: A Perspective
I felt it at the tip of my tongue, like an overplayed song that everyone’s tired of hearing; we need to make reading a part of their everyday lifestyle. I really believe that the literary arts (imagining, reading, writing) is foundational to doing well not only in English but in the various subject areas, foundational to deciphering the puzzles that present themselves, foundational to thinking critically and creatively.

Reflections on Jamaica
Also given my own literary ambitions, Annie John carved out a special place, that in time I came to understand fully. It helped remove bars on my world that were as much my own construction as society’s.


The Girl Guides Association of Antigua and Barbuda 75th Anniversary Magazine (also served as content and managing editor)
Guides add to page
The Golden Jubilee Independence Magazine
The King Obstinate 50th Anniversary Magazine
Island Beat
Island Where – read reviews of ‘Ladies of the Night’ and ‘Tim Hector-A Caribbean Radical’s Story’ from Island Where:

Last Lap
Life in Antigua  – read reporting of ‘Moods of Pan’ from Life in Antigua:
The OECS Advocate
The Outlet
Pastemagazine.comarticle on Beach Beer or the craft beer scene in the Caribbean
She Caribbean – read reporting from ‘St. Lucia’s Jazz Festival’ from She Caribbean:
The State Insurance Anniversary Magazine
Writer’s Digest – January 2016 issue: Literature with a Splash of Lime Writers Digest2
Zing: the LIAT Inflight Magazine

Links to some of my Zing articles:

King Calypso
short-shirt‘But easily his most significant creative partnership was the one that followed, with first-cousin Shelly Tobitt, one of the great scribes of Antiguan and Barbudan calypso. “I think the period of collaboration with Shelly produced something unique,” says Paget Henry, Antiguan and Professor of Africana studies at Brown University in the US.  Despite the fact that they went on to have a creative falling out and haven’t worked together in a good long while, Short Shirt agrees that “Shelly’s a master”, and that they made some magic together.  “He know me, he know my ability, he know my range; what he’d do for me, he couldn’t do for other people,” Short Shirt explains. He describes Shelly as a conscious writer with a good sense of melody; and that combination of conscious writer, conscious artiste, and musical sense, produced some danceable, songs that have resonance to this day.’

My Caribbean Adventure
‘And the truth is, while it feels the good-side-of-dangerous, it never feels unsafe thanks to the safety talk and demonstration you receive before moving out. You’re also well harnessed and kitted out with gloves and helmets, plus there’s a natural breaking mechanism for the times when you can’t remember how to stop! The high point of this particular zipping adventure is ‘The Screamer’ – a line 325 feet long, 300 feet high. By the time you reach it you’ll have conquered a few more manageable lines and feel amped for something more challenging. Your gut will clench as much in trepidation as anticipation, as you leap, open your mouth and “Oooooooooh!”’

For a time, I had a column ‘Creative Space’ in Zing. It can be sampled here: ASW article clip3
That one was about mas and Carnival; this one is about French Creole music, this one – Caribbean literature and literary festivals, and film: ASW article clip4

& more.
Contact me to discuss your project today.

Clients I’ve worked with:
The ABI Financial Group
The AIDS Secretariat of Antigua and Barbuda
Antigua Airport Services
The Antigua and Barbuda Calypsonians’ Association
The Antigua and Barbuda Development Bank
The Antigua and Barbuda Football Association
The Antigua and Barbuda Investment Authority
The Antigua and Barbuda Tennis Association (edits web + newsletter)
The Antigua and Barbuda Waste Recycling Corporation
Antigua Nice editing their weekly e-newsletter and creating content for their website e.g.

“Recycling is relatively new to Antigua and Barbuda, and the ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA WASTE RECYCLING CENTRE – a project of the Rotary Club of Antigua Sundown – is climbing uphill toward getting everyone on board with its plan to reduce waste. Leading with its tag line, RECYCLING IS A GOOD HABIT, PICK IT UP, the ABWREC has been prodding people in the right direction with activities like recycling competitions and processing and exporting of recyclables dropped off at its Powell’s facility.” Read the rest of this sample in a series of newsletter written and edited for Antigua NiceSidebar: the ABWREC tagline was among the text written by me when I was hired to draft media content (jingles, ads etc. for the rollout of its programme to get the community involved in recycling).

Content created for the web includes write-ups on the 5 AM Hikers Club, Blue Waters, Sugar Club, and Adventure Antigua

Behanzin Entertainment
The Best of Books
Cable and Wireless
Carib World Travel
The Caribbean Family Planning Affiliation
The Catamaran Club
Chosen Sounds
Claudette ‘CP’ Peters
The Committee to mark the bicentenary of the abolition of the British Empire Atlantic Slave Trade
The Commonwealth Youth Programme Caribbean Centre
The Da Silvia Group of Companies
The Department of Youth Affairs (Antigua and Barbuda)
Dianne’s Brokerage Services
El A Kru
The Environmental Awareness Group
Environment Division (Antigua and Barbuda)
The Girl Guides Association of Antigua and Barbuda (sample)
Gore’s Wholesale
Gray’s Farm Publishing
Great Young Minds
Hansib (A Little Bit of Paradise)
Karib Cable/Kelcom International
Mary Robinette Kowal
Medical Benefits Scheme
Mindful Movement
The Ministry of Education (Antigua and Barbuda)
Palette Designs
Scenic Tours Antigua
St. John’s Taxi Association
Talkabout Skills
The Teachers’ Cooperative Credit Union
University of the West Indies’ Faculty of Humanities and Education, Department of Language, Linguistics, and Literature
Various writers, academics, and artistes
The West Indies Cricket Board
West Indies Publishing (Life in Antigua and other publications) & more.
Contact me to discuss your project today.

Services I’ve provided to these clients:
Artiste profiles
Book & story editing
Brainstorming and writing public service announcements
Conceptualizing and drafting TV and radio ads, segments, series, and documentaries – example this ad for the CFPA:

Crafting anniversary publications
Drafting, editing, and/or critiquing web content (corporate and professional web sites, social networks etc.)
Scripting TV programmes, segments and reports
Writing press releases and other promotional content
Writing and/or editing manuals, research papers, power points, booklets, newsletters, brochures (print and electronic), calendars, corporate reports, content for social change campaignsArt Culture Antigua
Teaching, tutoring, facilitating workshops, coaching (writing and communications) & more.  Also available to discuss ghost writing, content creation, content marketing, branding projects. Bottom line, if it’s writing-related, contact me to discuss your project today.

Projects I’ve worked on: Villas at Sunset promo ad The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Channel redraft/edit The Antigua and Barbuda Calypsonians’ Association anniversary publication
*The Antigua and Barbuda News Source Online
Antigua and Barbuda’s newspaper supplement commemorating the bicentenary of the abolition of the British Empire Atlantic Slave Trade
The Antigua and Barbuda Waste Recycling Corporation awareness campaign
The weekly e-newsletter
CFPA’s Fighting AIDS through Training and Education campaign (e.g. Bacchanal Time)

The Daily Observer’s Carnival 50 Arts Anthology – Carnival is all we know
Essential magazine (as part of the Homegrown Publications team)
Exotic Caribbean (book) by Jacinta Fenton
The Girl Guides Association of Antigua and Barbuda 75th anniversary magazine
Journeycakes (book) by Monica Matthew
Of Noble Family (book) by Mary Robinette Kowal
The Offshore Islands Conservation Project
Pet Playhouse
The Scenic Tours Antigua website
The Teachers Cooperative Credit Union anniversary magazine
Teen Talk & more.
Contact me to discuss your project today.

Institutions I’ve taught at and/or programmes I’ve provided writing workshops with:
The American University of Antigua
The Antigua State College
Barbara Arrindell & Associates
Cathodale (the Catholic Diocese of Antigua Advanced Level Programme)
Great Young Minds
The Independence Literary Arts Committee
The Just Write Writers Retreat
The Ministry of Education’s Summer Institute (Antigua and Barbuda)
*The Wadadli Youth Pen Prize
The Youth Department (of Antigua and Barbuda)
& more.
Contact me to discuss your project today.

*asterisks = voluntary

Back to Joanne’s Writing, Editing, and Coaching Services.

This page is specific to projects I’ve worked on for others, primarily paying clients.

In the blogosphere, you’ll find other examples of my writing such as reviews (Curtly Ambrose’s Time to Talk, Sharon Millar, Survivor’s Remorse), perspectives (Many Sides to a Single Story, Writing off the Map), reports (Curtly Ambrose, One Model of Effective Parenting, Community Action in Action), musings (Adventures in Reading with Children, To be Messy is Human), analysis (such as this series on short fiction Caribbean writers), interviews (Sharon Leach, Ann Morgan, Eugenia O’Neal, Joy Lapps, Melissa Gomez, Diana McCaulay), and more (It’s about Character…really).

Finally, beyond my freelance writing for clients, and blogging, there’s my creative explorations. For more on my own writing, check out the main blog and the links to the left, to the left…


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