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I’ve written for numerous books, websites, and magazines in my 20+ year career. I’ve written  travel pieces, industry articles (across several industries), profiles, historical and research-heavy pieces, pieces related to health and education, politics and sports, pop culture and entertainment, opinions and news coverage, features and commentary on social, cultural, environmental, and artistic issues, ideally with a human interest angle.  I am not an expert on all things but I am curious and determined, and educating myself allows me to inform others; my journalism background means I can handle research (primary and secondary); and my creative writing skills means that I’ll always look to communicate that information in a reader-accessible way. Publications I have been commissioned to write and/or edit for have ranged from daily news papers to special interest publications to in-flight magazines to lifestyle magazines to books (not to be confused with my own BOOKS or the books I blog about. My clients have been local (Antigua and Barbuda), Caribbean (Jamaica to Belize), hemispheric (Americas), North American (US and Canada), European/British, and African. See some examples below – click links or images to read (print and online newspaper and magazine) samples – and keep scrolling for other projects:

A Little Bit of Paradise (later commissioned as copy editor)
Altitude – covering Caribbean art, cultural events, and (as pictured) destinations:


Américas (<–Racing Toward Survival + Antiguas-literary-fest-continues-to-grow-in-americas-magazine)

article in Antigua Mas 2019
‘Mas on the Road’ in Antigua Mas 2019
Antigua Nice (samples):
52 Reasons and Counting to Fall in Love with Antigua All Over Again
A Special Challenge
Expanded Opportunities to Play Tennis, Swim and Sail
Windies Veteran Kenny Benjamin is Batting for our Youths
(also former editor of the newsletter)
The Antigua Sailing Week Magazine:

ASW article clip

The Yachting Season
ASW article clip2 Find this sample article on page 12 of the 2012 edition of the Antigua Sailing Week magazine

The Antigua and Barbuda Calypsonians’ Association 50th anniversary publication (samples):
Calypso Jim, Calypso Joe, Franco, Short Shirt, Swallow, Onyan, Ivena
(also served as editor)
The Antigua and Barbuda (official) Carnival magazine
The Antigua and Barbuda International Literary Festival magazine:


The Antigua and Barbuda Sports Fishing Magazine
The Antigua and Barbuda Sports Network
Business Focus Antigua:

Caribbean Beach News:
Caribbean Beach News article clip

Caribbean Beat:

The Antigua Dance Academy: It Starts with the Drum:
Veronica Yearwood was already an adult when she accompanied her big sister to a dance class in 1981. She took to it, but what she couldn’t take was the “bad discipline and erratic behaviour” even at the level of the since-stalled National Dance Theatre. “When I came back from studying, I was not satisfied,” Yearwood explains. Her journey wouldn’t have happened without her mother Mignon Yearwood, the lady they all call “gran-gran,” who died in the past year. “She was the one that said to me, go for it,” Yearwood recalls.

Antiguan kiteboarding pioneer Andre Phillip goes airborne. Photo by Roddy Grimes-GraemeAtlantic Wide:
Antigua and Barbuda’s Team Wadadli — Dr Nicholas Fuller, age sixty-four; Rowan “Archie” Bailey, fifty; John Desmond “JD” Hall, twenty-nine; and Peter Smith, seventy-four — braved the self-described “world’s toughest row.” They journeyed 2,600 nautical miles, from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean, in Wa’omani, a boat no longer than seven metres, no broader than two. They made the Guinness Book of World Records (twice!) while doing so, and they’re the only Caribbean team, to date, to take the challenge, which has attracted rowers from around the globe.

Need for speed: Renée “Buttaz” Edwards and Lisa “Lisalis” Abraham:
Antigua is already a popular drag racing spot, Lisalis says, for its competitiveness, location, and vibes. With investment in a track, one of her major goals, it could be even more so. To some, drag racing is too dangerous — one reason they might think it’s not for women. But, Lisalis counters, “within everything, there is some level of danger . . . if you’re only going to think about the danger, you’re not going to live.”

It started with a Snake:
So there is plenty, both practical and poetic, to recommend the work being done to preserve Great Bird Island, Guiana Island, and more than a dozen other islets near Antigua’s international airport. As Kevel Lindsey says, “The islands preserve and protect unique landscapes that have been lost on most of the mainland: natural aesthetic, wilderness, natural poetry, and a sense of place.” But there’s a financial argument too.

From Boggy Peak to Mount Obama

Erna Mae Tonge: Recipe for Magic

Three Questions for Ms. Drew


Caribbean Belle
CARICOM Holidays Travel Guide
Caribbean Homessee my review of The Road to Wadi Halfa on Page 87
Caribbean Life
Che first cover (my articles in the pictured issue are the cover stories: ‘Jean-Marie Thomas, Fashioning Success’ and ‘The Health Benefits of the Tropical Fruits’)
CMA (read my CMA Carnival-themed articles here cmastuff)
The Coup
The Crier
Daily Observer:

Note: during my time freelancing with Observer (roughly between 2002 and 2014), I earned a 2002 Environmental Journalist of the Year award from the Antigua and Barbuda Ministry of Tourism and Environment (for a piece on the Hawksbill turtle), and certificates of merit for excellence in health journalism – newspaper feature category – from the Pan American Health Organization/Antigua and Barbuda Media Awards for Excellence,  2003 and 2005 (for pieces, respectively, on calypsonian Zero’s battle with HIV/AIDS and a Breast Cancer Survivors series). I also pitched and edited a special magazine supplement, Carnival is all We know, celebrating the Carnival arts on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Antigua and Barbuda’s Carnival in 2007.

Sample (personal essay) – Reflections on Jamaica
Also given my own literary ambitions, Annie John carved out a special place, that in time I came to understand fully. It helped remove bars on my world that were as much my own construction as society’s.


The Girl Guides Association of Antigua and Barbuda 75th Anniversary Magazine (also served as editor):
Guides add to page
The Golden Jubilee Independence Magazine
The King Obstinate 50th Anniversary Magazine
Huffington PostBarbuda’s Hurricane Irma Story is about Devastation and Resilience
Island Beat
Island Where:


Last Lap
Life in Antigua:
The OECS Advocate
The Outlet 
Protestmagazine.comWhere Is Storm’s Movie_ — Protest Magazine excerpt: “As I write this, Black Panther is hyped to tear through the Box Office, and if you know comic lore, you know that T’Challa and Ororo (i.e. Storm) have history – were legally wed even. The series favours strong women – or so the previews suggest – so it has to happen, right? Right?”  
She Caribbean
The State Insurance Anniversary Magazine
Writer’s Digest: Literature with a Splash of Lime Writers Digest2
Zing: the LIAT Inflight Magazine:
King Calypsoshort-shirt
(excerpt) ‘But easily his most significant creative partnership was the one that followed, with first-cousin Shelly Tobitt, one of the great scribes of Antiguan and Barbudan calypso. “I think the period of collaboration with Shelly produced something unique,” says Paget Henry, Antiguan and Professor of Africana studies at Brown University in the US.  Despite the fact that they went on to have a creative falling out and haven’t worked together in a good long while, Short Shirt agrees that “Shelly’s a master”, and that they made some magic together.  “He know me, he know my ability, he know my range; what he’d do for me, he couldn’t do for other people,” Short Shirt explains. He describes Shelly as a conscious writer with a good sense of melody; and that combination of conscious writer, conscious artiste, and musical sense, produced some danceable, songs that have resonance to this day.’

My Caribbean Adventure
(excerpt from a re-post of the original article at ‘And the truth is, while it feels the good-side-of-dangerous, it never feels unsafe thanks to the safety talk and demonstration you receive before moving out. You’re also well harnessed and kitted out with gloves and helmets, plus there’s a natural breaking mechanism for the times when you can’t remember how to stop! The high point of this particular zipping adventure is ‘The Screamer’ – a line 325 feet long, 300 feet high. By the time you reach it you’ll have conquered a few more manageable lines and feel amped for something more challenging. Your gut will clench as much in trepidation as anticipation, as you leap, open your mouth and “Oooooooooh!”’

For a time, I had a column ‘Creative Space’ in Zing. It can be sampled here: ASW article clip3
That one was about mas and Carnival; but I also wrote about French Creole Music, Caribbean Literature and Literary Festivals, and Film: ASW article clip4

That column has since been cancelled and revived with an Antigua-Barbuda arts and culture focus here on the blog and syndicated to (with, hopefully, other platforms to follow)
& more.
Contact me to discuss your project today.

Beyond writing for media and/or journalism, I’ve worked on a wide range of projects with clients from the financial and business sector to non-profits and cultural entities. Here’s a cross-section:
The ABI Financial Group (web writing + editing, brochure scripting, advertorials)
The AIDS Secretariat of Antigua and Barbuda (scripting teen talk show)
Antigua Airport Services (press releases)
The Antigua and Barbuda Calypsonians’ Association (editing anniversary publication)
The Antigua and Barbuda Development Bank (press releases)
The Antigua and Barbuda Football Association (commissioned article)
The Antigua and Barbuda Investment Authority (editing publication)
The Antigua and Barbuda Tennis Association (writing+editing content – various e.g.
ABTA newsletter March 2020)
The Antigua and Barbuda Waste Recycling Corporation (jingles, ads, documentary script)
Antigua Nice (editing their weekly e-newsletter and creating content for their website)

Content created for the web includes write-ups on Blue Waters, Sugar Club, and Adventure Antigua

Behanzin Entertainment (press release)
Blue Banyan (book editing)
Cable and Wireless (writing+editing anniversary publication)
Carib Export (pre-conference article)
Carib World Travel (press release)
The Caribbean Family Planning Affiliation (writing public service announcements, brochures w/other writers from across the Caribbean for several years)
The Catamaran Club (content writing + editing)
Chosen Sounds (writing + editing press releases)
Claudette ‘CP’ Peters (artist profile)
CODE (the non-profit behind the Burt Award for which activities have included judging the Caribbean leg of the Burt Award, organizing and facilitating a workshop in Antigua, and mentoring and editing for a writer from the Africa region)
The Committee to mark the bicentenary of the abolition of the British Empire Atlantic Slave Trade (editing newspaper supplement: Towards ReparationsToward Reparations Booklet)
The Commonwealth Youth Programme Caribbean Centre (rapporteur)
The Da Silvia Group of Companies (content writing + editing)
The Department of Youth Affairs (Antigua and Barbuda) (youth media training workshops)
Dianne’s Brokerage Services (editing, social media, other)
El A Kru (artist profile)
The Environmental Awareness Group (content creation – print, audio, visual)
Environment Division (Antigua and Barbuda) (content creation)
The Girl Guides Association of Antigua and Barbuda (commemorative publication, press releases)
Gore’s Wholesale (ad copy)
Gray’s Farm Publishing (editing)
Great Young Minds (writing camp)
HAMA (Film producer and production manager, TV segments scripting, field production)
Hansib A Little Bit of Paradise(A Little Bit of Paradise) (book editing, writing)
IDEA Media (articles)
Karib Cable/Kelcom International (drafting + editing TV channel)
Mary Robinette Kowal (dialoge editing – book)
Medical Benefits Scheme (content creation + editing – web, print)add to portfolio.jpg(e.g. editing 2019 recipe book – image from IDEA Media fb)
Mindful Movement (content creation – web)
Multi Tech Engineering (company profile)
North Star (articles for tourism-industry client)
Northstar Travel Group (writing property reviews)
Palette Designs (scripting video content)
Raw TV (research)
Scenic Tours Antigua(editing of web and other content)
St. John’s Taxi Association (writing + editing – various)
Strebor (book editing)
Talkabout Skills (writing or editing content)
The Teachers’ Cooperative Credit Union (editing anniversary publication)
University of the West Indies’ Faculty of Humanities and Education, Department of Language, Linguistics, and Literature (project advisor)
Various writers, academics, and artistes (editing, coaching)
The West Indies Cricket Board (editing manuals and other print content)
West Indies Publishing (Life in Antigua and other publications) (writing)
& more.
Contact me to discuss your project today.

Services I’ve provided to these clients include:
Audio visual scripting (TV content – programmes and segments, infomercials, documentaries, public service announcements, advertisements) – e.g. PSAs for the Caribbean Family Planning Affiliation, PET Playhouse segment, Teen Talk for the AIDS Secretariat, ABWREC documentary, Karib Cable Tourism Channel, and more

Coaching other writers
Editing (books – fiction, memoir, recipe books, non-fiction; stories, essays, academic theses;  manuals, company reports and manuals, web content, articles, and more)Content creation for social media and various other platforms
Crafting anniversary publications – e.g. Carnival 50th anniversary arts supplement for the Daily Observer, the Committee to commemorate the abolition of the British Empire Atlantic Slave Trade’s newspaper supplement, anniversary publications for the Calypso Association and the Girl Guides Association of Antigua and Barbuda, among others
Drafting, editing, and/or critiquing web content (corporate and professional web sites, social networks etc.)
Facilitating courses and writing workshops (fiction and non-fiction; planning and executing)
Judging writing contests
Reviews – book reviews to tourism site reviews
Scripting for different media especially print reporting and features
Writing press releases and other promotional content
Writing and/or editing manuals, research papers, power points, booklets, newsletters, brochures (print and electronic), calendars, corporate reports, content for social change campaigns – e.g. creatively explore the issue of climate change from a local perspective. Read the complete series here: Sally
Teaching and tutoring (writing, editing, and media and communications)
& more.  Also available to discuss ghost writing, content creation, content marketing, branding projects. Bottom line, if it’s writing-related, contact me to discuss your project today.

Productions I’ve worked on: Villas at Sunset promo ad

The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Channel redraft/edit
The Antigua and Barbuda Calypsonians’ Association anniversary publication
*The Antigua and Barbuda News Source Online
Antigua and Barbuda’s newspaper supplement commemorating the bicentenary of the abolition of the British Empire Atlantic Slave Trade
The Antigua and Barbuda Waste Recycling Corporation awareness campaign
The weekly e-newsletter
Books by various writers
CFPA’s Fighting AIDS through Training and Education campaign (e.g. Bacchanal Time)
Essential magazine (as part of the Homegrown Publications team)
The Girl Guides Association of Antigua and Barbuda 75th anniversary magazine

Literary collections like The Daily Observer’s Carnival 50 Arts Anthology – Carnival is all we know (2007) and Tongues of the Ocean’s Artists and Writers of Antigua and Barbuda (2014)
The Offshore Islands Conservation Project
Pet Playhouse
The Scenic Tours Antigua website
The Teachers Cooperative Credit Union (Community First Cooperative Credit Union) anniversary magazine
Teen Talk & more.
Contact me to discuss your project today.

I’ve also been involved in training and/or teaching in the areas of creativity/creative writing and written/communication. I have designed and provided courses and workshops, and worked within formal institutions and their programmes to deliver content. Institutions I’ve taught at and/or with which I’ve provided writing/writing-related workshops include:
The American University of Antigua
The Antigua State College
Barbara Arrindell & Associates
The Best of Books
The BIM Literary Festival (Barbados)
Cathodale (the Catholic Diocese of Antigua Advanced Level Programme)
CODE (Canada non-profit)
The Department of Youth Affairs – Youth Media Training workshops
Great Young Minds creative arts camp
The Independence Literary Arts Committee
The Just Write Writers Retreat
The Ministry of Education’s Summer Institute (Antigua and Barbuda)
*The Wadadli Youth Pen Prize
& more including my own Jhohadli Writing Project.
Contact me to discuss your project today.

*asterisks = voluntary

Back to Joanne’s Writing, Editing, and Coaching Services.

This page is primarily for projects I’ve worked on for paying clients.

In the blogosphere, you’ll find other examples of my writing such as book reviews (Time to Talk, The Masquerade Dance, Inner City Girl, Possessing the Secret of JoyWithout a Summer, The Whale House and Other Stories, and more plus  Quick Takes); TV reviews (When They See UsUnderground, The Walking Dead, Survivor’s Remorse);  movie reviews (Suffragette, Creed, Room and Other Movies); topical issues (like MeToo, One Model of Effective Parenting, Community Action in Action); cultural issues (Food as Culture, Hollywood why are you so unambitious?, Natalie Cole: the Tribute that might have been, Queen Latifah: Build your own Boxes); writing and publishing issues (Many Sides to a Single Story, Writing off the Map, Adventures in Reading with Children, To be Messy is Human), my blog series (The Short of it – a mini series on Caribbean women writers of short fiction, She’s Royal – a series on alternate female royals for Hollywood’s consideration, Blogger on Books – my book review series, CREATIVE SPACE – my art and culture series which offers advertising opportunities to businesses operating in Antigua and Barbuda to boost their brand while boosting local art and culture – this series is syndicated to reach an even broader audience), and interviews I’ve done with creative people (Sharon Leach, Ann Morgan, Eugenia O’Neal, Joy Lapps, Melissa Gomez, Diana McCaulay).

Finally, beyond my freelance writing for clients, and blogging, there’s my creative explorations. For more on my own writing, check out the links in the drop down menus at the top of this page.


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