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I am a writer. I provide writing, editing, and training services. I work with fellow artists, individuals, entrepreneurs, start-ups, non-profits, organizations, companies big and small – an eclectic mix (arts, sports, business, and more).

At some point, we all need to communicate, and written communication is where I work and play. I can create the content you require; critique, edit, or proof copy already written; manage teams of writers on larger projects; train members of your team in written communication; and more.

See online CV here, some project samples here, and performance reviews to measure past client and your future satisfaction. Contact me to discuss your project today.

Let me also take the opportunity to let you know about ad/sponsored post opportunities with my independent original series CREATIVE SPACE and #BookChat #unscripted – the former, an opportunity for businesses to boost Antiguan and Barbudan art and culture while boosting their brand, and the latter a vlog series that builds on my Blogger on Books book review (engagement with literature) series. Contact me if you wish to find out more about advertising/sponsored post opportunities with CREATIVE SPACE  or #BookChat #unscripted, or to commission any of my services.


Reporting and Features

I am available for reporting (i.e. coverage of events and personalities) and features (digging deeper into covered events) for magazines and other periodicals. See publications and projects for samples of some of the writing I’ve done for publications, primarily in the Caribbean and the Americas.

Content Creation

I also create content – including social media content (blogs, facebook etc.), ad copy (scripting for commercial products and services for various media), PSAs (scripting copy for non-profits and community projects), other communication copy (newsletters, brochures, websites, press releases, reports, letters, proposals, profiles etc. ) for internal and external use – for clients.

Other writing services include personal essays and opinion pieces (adding to the conversation on topical or historical issues of interest), scripted media content (TV edutainment/infotainment segments, documentaries, jingles), ghost writing (e.g. biographies, CV/resume writing, artist profiles), and more (if it has to do with word craft, I’ve got you).  Also see Benefits to Business Clients. If you need my services, just get in touch.


You may also hire me to edit your manuscript (fiction or non-fiction) whether it is a first draft in need of a deep edit or a final draft in need of polishing. This may also include some proofing (i.e. reviewing for typographical errors) but is primarily concerned with script issues  (related to plotting, pacing, consistency, and other story issues). This will include recommendations for improving the manuscript. Suggestions and comments will be made directly onto the manuscript. Types of projects have included books and stories for adults, teens, and children (fiction and non-fiction); as well as essays, academic theses, websites, training manuals, newspaper supplements, special corporate publications (anniversary magazines, recipe books, calendars, company reports etc.), and more.


 I organize independent workshops, and also facilitate workshops (or courses) on commission or in association with other individuals or institutions. I have experience teaching communications at the America University of Antigua, CATHODALE (the Catholic Advanced level programme), and Antigua State College. Through my Jhohadli Writing Project, I have delivered creative writing workshops to children and teens, via the Jhohadli Summer Youth Writing Project, and adults.  I have also been successfully commissioned to plan and facilitate workshops for the Ministry of Education of Antigua and Barbuda for their Summer Institute, the Department of Youth Affairs as part of their youth media training initiatives, the Canada-based non-profit CODE as part of their efforts to build capacity in the genre of teen/young adult fiction writing in the region, and other agencies, organizations, and/or individuals. workshop 4youth-media-workshop-5
I have organized and run written communication classes with Barbara Arrindell & Associates (including work evening classes and commissioned in-company training). after-on-the-hustle
From creative to non-creative applications, writing/written communication has a place in our lives; I help novices to experienced writers (and non-writers) either flex or build their writing muscles.


In addition to writing for TV and radio, I have experience as a segment producer for TV programmes (news and edutainment), and as a production manager and associate producer on independent film sets. I also have programme ideas in development if you are interested in boosting your brand by backing new content for TV and radio. #BookChat #unscripted for instance has been launched as a YouTube vlog series but is a programme with great development potential; and  CREATIVE SPACE , too, has potential for transference to the audio-visual format.


Writers, I can do a full read-through of your manuscript and provide written feedback re what’s working and what isn’t, along with suggestions for improvement. I can also assist with drafting and/or critiquing query letters for writers seeking to land an agent or publisher.


Coaching is one-on-one engagement over a period of time (including mentoring) depending on your project needs and/or writing goals. As coach, I listen as you articulate your goals or your confusion about said goals, provide guidance, help you set deadlines, offer constructive feedback on works-in-progress, answer questions, help you work through either your script or your writing issues, and hopefully cross the finish line (i.e. reach your writing goal). You benefit from my focused attention whether our communication is non-contact (via email to anywhere in the world – I have worked with mentees as far away as Africa is from Antigua), or contact (via phone or skype, or in person). Services falling under coaching may include review of query letters, press kits, and other issues related to script development, publishing, and/or literary promotion. See also coaching.


The beautiful thing about freelancing is the opportunities it presents to work on projects you might not have previously considered but which your skills and experience have prepared you for, or which can challenge you to develop new skills and experience. I am a published author, experienced journalist and communicator who has served as project manager, mentor, researcher, advisor, and more; I consider every opportunity. So, what opportunity do you have for me to help you today?

Contact me to discuss your project today.

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One last thing: here’s a link re my books and please note that, in this capacity, I am also available for appearances.

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