Writing and Editing Services – the Breakdown


I am available for features, event coverage, and more for magazines and other periodicals; and to create content for various clients, including individuals, the public sector, private companies (see Benefits to Business Clients), and non-profits. If you need my services, just get in touch. Samples can be seen here – more available on request; meantime, check out these performance reviews

Coverage of events and/or personalities for reporting purposes.

Feature writing
In depth coverage of issues and personalities, digging deeper and employing more storytelling elements.

Ad copy
Scripting copy for commercial products and services for various media.

Scripting copy for non profits and social programmes designed to influence the attitude and behavior of targeted groups.

Creating marketing copy for corporations
Reports, newsletter copy, brochures, websites, press releases etc. for businesses for either internal or external use.

Content marketing
Blogs and some other aspects of social media consulting.

Ghost writing
Collaborating with non-writers on rendering (usually uncredited) copy for public consumption (e.g. biographies).

Entertainment and infotainment
Scripting TV programmes and/or segments, documentaries, public service announcements, jingles, artiste bios, and more. Also includes producing credits.


Consultations (also see coaching)
Discussion re your story idea; answering questions, providing guidance. May include review of query letters, press kits, and other issues related to script development, publishing, and/or literary promotion.

Script critique
Reading and assessing an existing manuscript, providing a written perspective on what it needs and raising questions that may help guide the author. May involve some conceptual editing to assist the author in refining his/her idea.

Reviewing for typographical errors. Corrections will be made directly onto the manuscript.

Line and/or copy editing
Carefully reviewing the manuscript for errors (grammatical) and script issues (related to plotting, pacing, consistency, and other story issues). Can include recommendations for improving the manuscript. Suggestions and comments will be made directly onto the manuscript.

Types of projects have included books, websites, newspaper supplements, magazines, corporate reports, and more.

*I’ve tackled a mix of projects, navigating the world of business, media, and the creative arts where my passion lies. I have done so with a commitment to creativity and professionalism. If you have something you need written or reviewed, I may be able to assist. Contact me to discuss your project today.

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